Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Another Wet One!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you.

It has been one of those Yucky Autumn Days today. We were out first thing with the ferrets this morning and the grass was dripping with rain drops. Holly and I just dashed through it all enjoying the splashing of the water onto our noses!

Mr Brambles was doing his thing on the path, digging holes, and Miss Snowflake just wanted to stay wrapped up in Old Two Legs arm!

Well, remembering her need to have a wee pretty early in the walk, OTL put her down on the ground and walked a few feet away and made her walk around a but. It was only when she decided to have a wee that OTL crouched down and called her using his special 'Ferret Call'.

She came rushing over to him and jumped up onto his lap then dived onto his arm and stuck her head into the crook of his arm out of the way of the wind!

There she stayed until we all reached the beach where she knew she had to 'Get Off and Walk'!

I Jus' Love a Good Hole!
That was OK 'cos she had spotted young Bryn walking down the Sea Wall path and he is always good for a game!

Today Mr Brambles was calling out to him but all he could see was Snowflake in OTL's hand. 'Er, your voice sounds different' he says looking totally confused, that was until Mr Brambles called out again from the beach, 'Ere', says Bryn, 'You said that without moving your mouth!'

We all had a good laugh about that and in the end Bryn looked over the path edge onto the beach to see Mr Brambles laughing his tail off!

Holly says that Bryn can be a real Bozo sometimes!

I'm Not a Bozo!
Back home it was Chicken this morning and we both had a really good scoff before retiring to bed for our 'After Breakfast Snooze'

Lunchtime was not fun. First of all it was raining, not too heavily, but enough to get you wet. Secondly, we went around the garage and got the small car fired up. We had to use the big car to get some electricity into the small car 'cos it has been sitting for almost a month without being used.

Now there's nothing really wrong with the small car but it is just not as comfortable to ride in as the big car!

Off we went to the Sea Wall again and we made sure that we did all we needed to do and get to the shortcut before OTL, then we sort of sidled up the shout cut, looking behind us to make sure OTL was following and as soon as we saw him turn the corner, off we ran, all the way back to the car!

Come on! Back to the car!
Back home it was a case of 'Find somewhere warm and curl up' I chose the bed and Holly decided to crawl under The Missus fleece!

So, another super sleepy day, even if we did get wet! Mind you, OTL also got as wet as us but he didn't have a towel to give himself a rub down with, only ours which were wet and damp once we had finished with them!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Hasn't it been a yucky day. That Bryn looks a handsome chap, way too handsome to be a Bozo. I think if I'd been Snowflake I'd have clung onto OTL's warm sleeve with my teeth. I think you're all very brave to go down to the beach in this weather. Hope it's a bit warmer where you are. Glad TM is back on form with the grub stakes. I'd nudge OTL for a drop of his warm stuff tonight if you're going down the beach again tomorrow. Happy mugging girls xxx

  2. That poor Snowflake, nobody takes the hint and leaves her at home, she has tried with big hints though. Then there is poor confused Bryn thinking that Snowflake was a ventriloquist with a deep voice. We have Scottish shortbread if there is none left in Godwin Towers so you are duly invited if the chauffeur is available. A bit warmer today so hope you made the most of it, I will be waiting to hear all about it. Big warm hugs. xxxx