Tuesday, 1 October 2013

He's Back!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with the Blog!

You know, he didn't come back last night at all! We were half expecting Old Two Legs to come marching in just before we went to bed but in the end The Missus had to take us out for our 'Late Night Wee' and as OTL wasn't here, we got most of the bed to ourselves!

Well, Holly got to cuddle up to TM and I took over OTL's pillow. Well, if he's not here then the pillow is up for grabs!

Our walk this morning was not the usual one 'cos TM is all worried about us getting ticks from the forest, so she took us to another place that was full of trees and grass and ferns (Tick Heaven) but Holly and I didn't stay too long, well, we don't want to get any ticks!

We were back at the caravan having our midday snooze when a car pulled up next to the caravan, it was OTL!

He got out of the car and was outside waiting for us to welcome him back. Now, as you know, OTL is tall while us puppies are small, so what OTL does is to crouch down so we can jump up and give his nose a lick.

This time he crouched down but Holly and I had got a bit of speed going and we both landed on OTL's lap at the same time, knocking him flat onto his back!

We jumped up and down on his chest and licked his nose and ears while he waved his legs in the air!

We were glad to see him back and showed it by demanding he took us out for a walk!

We didn't have time to go down to the beach again so he took us to The Leyton Stag.

Now, we have never seen a stag before and I know this one was made out of wood and little Two Legs play on it, but, if ever I saw a real one that size I think I would run away!

Holly was more interested in knowing a bit more about the stag!

How big do you think his poo is?
 OTL took us for a long walk down a track between the trees. There were no stags or deer or any other animals except us!

That is one long track!
 Of course, OTL spotted some butterflies and he even managed to get a shot of this one that was sun bathing on the path!

A Speckled Wood
 Back at the caravan, TM was still making cards and bashing away on her computer, such a busy TM!

Tomorrow she has promised to come down to the beach with us and have a game of chase through the dunes!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. OOOOh girls so glad OTL is back and that you gave him such a HUGE welcome, though knocking any TL over on his back is a bit risky. Glad you looked after TM and kept her warm last night, must have been quite lonely there without OTL. Lots to look forward to tomorrow if TM is coming through the dunes with you, have fun xxx Annie & Jasper who by the way thinks you have a good life down there playing on the beach everyday :)

  2. Yippe, OTL is back well done and you gave him a good licking.
    Poor TM such a busy like for this crafter, still she does a great job with her cards.
    Luv Mike XXX

  3. Glad OTL is back with you. I bet he missed having you snuggle up to him last night, never mind his loss was TM's gain. Tell Holly, wooden stag poo is rarer than rocking horse poo, but I suspect it's very large.
    Have a good night cuddling up to OTL and fun tomorrow on the dunes :) xxx p.s. lovely piccies xx

  4. Welcome back OTL, fancy you going off and leaving your women behind, tut tut. Glad TM didn't help knock him over, I bet she was too busy cooking and pandering after OTL to have joined in. Have a lovely time in the dunes, can't wait to see all the great pictures. xxxx