Saturday, 26 October 2013

A Day With OTL

Hi Woofers!

We are back again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

We were up early again today, that's because Old Two Legs fell out of bed this morning trying to turn the alarm clock off!

Still, it means that the ferrets got woken up early as OTL got onto the rowing machine and woke them up with his puffing and blowing!

Holly and I stayed in bed and carried on snoozing until it was time to go for a walk!

We got down there just after the sun crept over Sheerness.

Good Morning Sheerness!
Just for a change it wasn't raining but the wind was blowing a bit and it was a real pain trying to get Snowflake to have a wee and a walk, all she wanted to do is to climb back up into OTL's arm!

It's too cold down here, pick me up Daddy!
Mind you, she didn't wee on OTL's arm!

The Beach was fun, we all had a run on the sand, well until the ferrets decided to dig a hole big enough to drive a car into!

OK, this is where we are going to start the hole!
The only problem was, OTL didn't want to wait until they finished!

I must admit, even Holly thought that it was a 'Hole Too Far'!

I just Don't Believe It!
Mr Brambles got The Huff and left the hole and headed back to the car saying that there was no fun left when we came out with him!

Cheek! It is he who comes out with us!

Those Dogs are becoming really Boring!
Well that was it, back home for some breakfast and OTL really came up with the goods today! We had Lambs Heart and Biscuits and OTL poured the gravy from the roasting tin over the biscuits and then scrapped the jelly from the bottom of the tin and put that on top of the biscuits as well and on top of all that, it was all warm as well!

Oh, WOW! That OTL certainly knows how to cook our meals and so far, NO DOGGY SCOFF!

While we were sleeping off our super breakfast OTL got going on the decorating again but it is really slow going 'cos the cork tiles are stuck on with a rubber based industrial glue, so he has to not only get the tiles off but he has to take the paint off as well!

Still, it keeps him out of trouble!

Tomorrow looks like it is going to be fun. First off the weather looks like it is going to be 'Stormy' but on top of that, the clocks are going back an hour, mind you, that means we get an extra hour in bed!

We are off now to do some serious mugging, OTL is cooking his dinner.

Bye bye for now.


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Great pictures ... That one of Sheerness is super! Daisy NO picture of you ! Take care puppies xxxx
    TM x

  2. Wow, lovely picture of the sun .............. that OTL certainly knows how to look after his little darlings ....... what a good chap, cooking you your lovely brekkie and putting on gravy and the jelly from the pan ..... I hope you girls are giving him extra brownie point. Tell Mr Brambles, Kent will be full of holes if he's not careful and how could going out with Kent's royal family be boring??????? I think he was pulling your tail. I bet TM is missing you all but if she doesn't start cooking for you like OTL I'd be tempted to leave her in Coventry. Enjoy your mugging tonight, hope OTL is cooking himself something tasty after his hard day decorating. Enjoy the extra hour, I've told Archie about it but he's not too sure about waiting an hour for his brekkie. xxx

  3. Glad OTL is looking after you whilst TM is away and giving you scrumptious food to keep you both fit as the winter approaches.
    Lovely images as well keep dry tomorrow. XXX

  4. "Good morning Sheerness" was worth getting up for. Breakfast sounds super, TM will be finding him a hard act to follow when she returns, that's if you let her return to the kitchen. I think you will be relegating her to "Scullery Maid" if he keeps up this cooking lark, you have it made girls, he chauffeurs you around to wonderful places, cooks super food and provides the odd bit of shortbread, not forgetting those plawn clacker thingees, got any spare spaces for a couple more? xxxx