Sunday, 6 October 2013

Squirrel Guard!

Hi Woofers!

It's us here, Daisy & Holly.

What a super day it has been, loads of sun shine and even a gentle breeze!

When I woke up this morning, that nasty head ache had gone and I was feeling just like myself again!

So, I jumped on top of Old Two Legs and woke him up with a good ear licking and even Holly joined in, just for fun!

It was most enjoyable having a walk in the woods, but we did keep an eye open for those tick things!

I'll watch this side and you keep an eye on that side!
After our morning walk we were going back to the caravan when Holly pointed out that it is only on the 'Official Caravan Club sites that everyone has to park in line and put the car on the correct side!

ATTENTION! Get in Line you 'Orrible Caravans!
We were back in the caravan having breakfast when I spotted a squirrel across the other side of the road, hopping about looking for nuts to bury. I went potty! I just flew at the window and woofed and whined and snivelled and woofed some more!

The squirrel just turned left and disappeared into the bushes!

You know, I stood there on 'Squirrel Watch' for the next twenty minutes, just in case he came back!

The Missus wanted to go out to a 'Wood Carving Country Fair' to see one of her mates who had a stall, yes, card making!

So, off we went, woofing all the way down the road and sticking our noses out of the window to do some 'Speed Sniffing' .

When we got there we had to park the car in a big field and walk all the way down to the show. On the way to the gate I decided to have a poo on the path and Old Two Legs had to pick it all up. As he was doing that a woman walked past and wrinkled her nose up and made a 'Disgusted' look on her face.

Holly reckons she is one of those people who doesn't poo!

OTL was interested in the wood carving tools and also in a very old sawing machine that was powered by an old steam traction engine.

A Chip off The Old Tree!
As far as Holly and I thought, it just made a noise and loads of saw dust which made us sneeze!

When we got back to the caravan I was back onto 'Squirrel Guard' and we even had a 'Squirrel Patrol' just to check if there were any hiding behind the tree trunks!

OTL said we should keep an eye open for the deer that live in the forest as well.

Holly said that they carry ticks as well!

We decided that we will have a gentle evening watching a DVD and nibbling on OTL's shortbread as he finishes off the English Whisky!

Tomorrow it is 'Clear Up' time, 'cos we are back home on Tuesday and back to work again, well, OTL is!

It's going to be good seeing the ferrets again and we hope that Snowflake and Mr Brambles got our postcard we sent!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

P.S. My cheek is still a bit sore but it's getting better!


  1. I'm glad your headache has gone, hope the cheek ache goes soon. As far as I know, there's only one woman that doesn't poo ......... I thought she was Balmoral, but may be she fancied the weekend in Norfolk, I know she has a little holiday cottage there. She may have read your blog and decided to pop down and meet royalty. I'm sure OTL will take a little break from the tidying up tomorrow to take you girls on one last adventure. I bet Snowflake and Mr Brambles will be glad to get back together with you all. Archie had a plawn clacker this evening ......... he said he would have preferred if I hadn't over cooked them and aren't they supposed to be white and not brown .......... hmmmp. Safe journey home to you all, looking forward to Saturday and I hope that you will have time to pop in and show off your tans. :) xxx

  2. Sorry for being late on parade, I loved the story about the poo lady, eh eh eh.
    Those squirrels are very quick and as you were inside the caravan they must have all had a good laugh. I never knew that TM gave cookery lessons in Plawn clacker baking, I only thought it was cards! Still she must spread her knowledge as best she can.
    Have a save journey and those little ferrets are going to be as pleased as punch to see you all, OTL will have to get back into his rowing and TM into cooking you and Holly stupendous meals. xxxx