Monday, 28 October 2013

Windy Day and Mr Brambles is down the vets!

Hello Woofers!

We are still here, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles (with a lovely fluffy tail!)

We survived the night but didn't it blow and didn't it blow this morning!

Old Two Legs had a look out of the window at six and watched the trees bending almost double because of the wind and rain!

Off he went to check where the insurance papers were!

While he was paddling around the office on the rowing machine, Mr Brambles woke up and decided he wanted a wee and wandered down to the Poo Pot. OTL saw that there was a large patch of dried blood where his wart is. On closer inspection it looks like he has been either biting or scratching it to make it bleed like that. A wash down with warm salty water showed that it had been torn and that's why it's bleeding.

At nine, guess who was on the phone to the vets for an appointment?

At ten guess who was sitting in the vets waiting room?

The vet they went to see is the one that Snowflake had a taste of when she first went down there for a check up, he was the one that shoved his hand into the cage to get Snowflake out before she was good and ready!

Mr Brambles on the other hand is such a sweetheart and wouldn't think of nipping anyone, much!

Well, the vet did an inspection, checked his heart, looked at the wart and agreed to take Mr Brambles in tomorrow morning and operate at about ten in the morning. He is not allowed to eat anything from six in the morning, so OTL has to take the food bowl away then, that won't please him at all!

Our walk was without the ferrets this morning 'cos OTL thought we may get caught in the rain, so off we went and got caught in the rain!

It looks just as black behind us!
It started off by being light'ish rain, then it got to be Heavy Rain and then it got to be Heavy Rain Driven Sidewards By The Wind into OTL's face!

Still, we managed to get a Rainbow and as it was so close we were tempted to rush down to the end of the Rainbow and claim the Pot of Gold!

Quick! Pickup the Pot of Gold!
But we didn't 'cos we were getting too wet!

It was back home and then off to the vets, but we have told you all about that already!

Now, you all know that on the 30th November, The Harrietsham Ferret Rescue Centre will be running a Ferret Show in the Harrietsham Village Hall and it starts at about 09.00hr and finishes about 18.00hr. I suppose it depends on how many ferrets want to take part!

We had a look on the Harrietsham  Ferret Site and find that the classes have been announced, so, now all we have to do is choose the ones that the ferrets should enter!

So, we reckon we could get Snowflake into the Albino class to begin with. Then Mr Brambles could get into the 'Sandy' and the 'Disabled & Veterans' section on account of his missing toes and deformed claws on his back legs and then there is his 'Wart Scar' which he says will be his 'War Wound' and he can tell the story of how he got it fighting the Weasels, so that make him a War Veteran!

Then of course there must be a section called the 'Judges Favourite' which is a sort of 'No Holds Barred' section that anyone could win, depending on how sweet you are or how much you bribe the judges, even OTL could stand a chance in that section if he wasn't so tight !

So, there are two chances for Mr Brambles and one for Snowflake and a possible 'Favourite' section for both.

Claws crossed!

We had Lambs Heart again today, cooked to perfection, OTL should give up work and get a job as a Doggy Chef, we reckon he would make a fortune and on top of that we would get loads of grub as well!

By the time midday arrived, the sun had come out and the rain had gone as well, so off we went down to the Sea Wall.

We were going to wake the ferrets up and take them with us but they looked so warm and comfortable that we left them cuddled up!

Cuddled Up!
 All together .............................Aaaaah!

When we got down there, it started to rain, but only for a few minutes, then the sun came out again but the wind still blew the trees around.

We could see the storm being blown out over the North Sea towards Denmark, they are welcome to it!

Bye Bye Storm!
 While we were on the Sea Wall a ship came in off the North Sea and it looked very pleased to be sailing up The Medway!

 Holly was skipping along the Sea Wall singing and dancing, you can tell she is pleased the storm had past.

Boo Boopy Doo!
 I haven't said anything yet but we are getting close to when those Whizz Bangs are let off making a lot of noise and Holly doesn't like them at all!

We are expecting some good mugging as OTL is planning to have a Gammon Steak tonight then followed by some Shortbread!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. What a day, glad you've seen the storm off over the sea. Will be thinking of Mr Brambles tomorrow and wishing him well with his op and speedy recovery. Lovely dramatic pictures today. I think you're right about OTL becoming a doggy scoff chef. I think Mr Brambles will win his classes, I'm sure Miss Snowflake will win prettiest girl. You could save your biscuit money and enter OTL, he could win best owner. It's a shame they don't have a "ferrets big sisters" class ........ you and Holly would win hands down. TM could enter a glitteriest TM class. Well happy muggings tonight and I'm sure you'll all be singing songs about storms after dinner. :) xxx

  2. Just love reading the replies by Lazy Sunday almost as much as your blog, Daisy!
    FANTASTIC pictures on here tell OTL.... I love the ferrets cuddles up but the storm picture is fab too!
    Missing you all loads I think OTL should take over ALL the cooking when I come home!
    Love TM xxx

  3. Great post today, Daisy good reporting on the storm and great photos of the sea all frothing and mean looking you were very good braving the weather twice, you deserved a hearty meal again gotta say OTL is doing you proud ...see that TM has said he can do ALL the cooking in future, oh dear. TM also told us on FB about Mr Brambles op tomorrow ..she was very concerned think she is really missing you all now. Wonder if Mr Brambles will have one of those funnel things round his neck to stop him scratching his War wound, Miss Snowflake won't like that she'll be wanting to fuss round him. Oh there Miss Daisy you've gone and done it now you reminded me about those whizzy bangers, I maybe a Big Boy but I'm really a scardey cat when it comes to all that TM has tried everything.. the extra cuddles do seem to work a bit. Bye Girls & Mr Brambles (good luck ol' chap you'll be fine, soak up all the fuss from those girls and I'm sure OTL will have some feretone and milk handy) xxx Jasper & Her indoors

  4. Poor Mr Brambles, having an operation in the morning , hope all goes well and it don't hit OTL's pocket to much.
    Smashing pictures today, the two Ferrets look so sweet all cuddled up. Who's missing today? yes it's Daisy. Come on OTL, this is Daisy's Dairy after all. XXX