Thursday, 21 November 2013

Go, Go, Cocoa!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Wot good news about Cocoa, TWO BITES at the vets! She's our sorta Girl!

Super news on the gland removal, now she's just got to grow back the hair. It took Snowflake a while to get her tummy back to being fully covered after her operation and Mr Brambles looks like he will spend some time growing his hair back but by the next moult it should all be back to normal!

Talking about normal, we went down the Sea Wall for a walk this morning and as normal, it was raining just as we left home. Old Two Legs said that he had looked at the Doppler Radar and by the time we get down there the rain will have stopped and providing we didn't hang about too much, we should be back in the car before it starts again. You know what? He was right!

If you want to have a look log onto  It gets very pretty when there is rain, ice and snow at the same time!

The wind was blowing from the North East  and you could see the rain clouds being blown in but we made it back to the car with just the mud on our paws from the puddles!

Mr Brambles had time for a quick hole while we waited for Snowflake to wake up!

Wotcha Think of This Hole?
I spotted a Rainbow just off shore but it didn't hang about and it didn't get too bright. OTL said that it may have been fun to try photographing it with the Infrared Thingy 'cos we can see so many colours but hen there is Infrared as well, wonder what colour Infrared is, Red?

See the Rainbow?
Holly was having fun facing into the wind and having her hair blown back. At one time she opened her mouth a bit and the wind blew her cheeks all over the place! OTL and I thought it was so funny but Holly refused to have he photo taken like that 'cos she said it would 'Spoil Her Image'!

As Snowflake said, 'Well, at least this way it stops her Yapping!'

Back home we had Lambs Heart waiting for us, Yummy! It looks like the threat of bringing the ferrets to bed with us might have just attracted TM's attention, but for how long?

We spent the morning snoozing or woofing at the Collared Doves who were playing in the garden.

We know how to enjoy ourselves!

Lunch time came and another look at the Doppler Radar and we were off! It was still raining as we got to the car park but after a couple of minutes, the rain stopped and we were off. The rain was coming down the North Sea and it looked horrid!

The sooner we get home the better!
No rain but windy and Holly just refused to do her 'Flappy Cheek' trick!

Back home for an afternoon snooze on the bed and plan what we will be doing tonight, mugging dinner will be one and then Shortbread mugging will be number two and three is carrot crunching and if we get really lucky there will be some Chicken Fillets as well!

Off we go, there are noises coming from the kitchen!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. Way to go Cocoa, 2 vets is worth 20 points. Better not tell Archie though, he's going into the vets for the day tomorrow for more blood tests but it's not all bad news, they feed him between tests, so that might just make him feel a bit better about it. Anyway what a good day you've had. I knew threatening TM with ferrets in the bed would get her to think twice about serving doggie scoff, that was a brilliant idea OTL had. See what a good OTL you have, he's prepared to subject his little furry friends to TM's stinky feet. No man has such love for his pets as OTL. Loved todays pictures. Brilliant blog Daisy. Happy double muggings tonight :) xxxx

  2. Sounds like a great day, Girls and Mr B, you dodged the rain and been well fed but best news is that Cocao's op was a success... and she managed 2 bites of the vet .. brilliant we'll have to see if Miss Snowflake Mr B can better that. Oh Miss Holly just love that pic of you with the wind in your hair, but I agree flappy cheeks is not a good look... when I get wet and have a shake when I shake my head I get slobber all over my face ... my OTL says it cos I've got jowls ...flabby cheeks to you and me. Off now cos the missus is ooing and ahhing over some animal program on the tv so I better going and see xxx Jasper & his missus

  3. Your today post did not show up in my Blogger Dashboard so I only commented on what was yesterdays story. Good for you better food today and "Bites means points", how about giving TM points each day for her behaviour and set her a goal each week. Michael said he is sorry he can't read your Blog his eyes are very sore at the moment so he can only look at the pictures, he was very sorry for Holly, maybe OTL should loose a couple of points for taking her out in the wind! Tomorrow sounds warmer 6 degrees even and no wind, at least that is what they said on our TV! We have our own Daisy coming tomorrow so that will be lovely. xxxx