Friday, 29 November 2013

Holly's in Deep Poo, for a change!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here with you again!

This morning has been fun, well, for me anyway!

We were up early, about three thirty, and after our hourly 'House Patrol' we decided to have a snooze with Old Two Legs on his bed. I jumped up, no problems, and snuggled down next to his back, which is a good warm 'Snugly Place' to be. Holly stood down the bottom of the bed, on the floor and looked up. All she could see was darkness. Now Holly can get up on the bed but only in daylight 'cos she likes to see where she is going to land, before she jumps. To get over this 'jumping problem' she has developed a strategy, she stands at the bottom of the bed and woofs. First of all a soft 'Sorry to wake you but...' type of woof that gets louder the longer she has to wait!

In the end, OTL wakes up enough to get out of bed, walk to the bottom of the bed and pick up Miss Holly and place her on the bed so she can find her 'Snugly Place'. Holly has a favourite place and it is a race to see who gets there first, Holly or OTL!

OTL normally comes out on top 'cos he picks Holly up and pushes her over towards The Missus who is not as snugly as OTL and wriggles too much!

Still, it's better than sleeping on the floor!

The weather has not been too bad this morning, misty, a little damp but no wind. Not that it pleased Snowflake who said she would rather stay in bed than wake up on a cold wet beach!

I really don't do mornings on the beach!
 Mr Brambles just loves an early morning run and gets going on his hole digging or 'Doggy Hunting' with a relish!

First a hole, then a doggy or shall I go for a Doggy first, then a hole? Decisions, Decisions!
 Looking out to sea you can tell there was no wind, not a wave in sight, mind you, other than a couple of gulls there was nothing to see either!

Everything has gone!
 The ferrets always decide when to finish with the beach and we follow on behind or in front just far enough to be out of reach of Mr B's 'Nipping Game'

Holly and I were sniffin' the sniffs and generally wandering about. As we got close to the car, OTL called for us to go onto the lead and as I was nearest I was first on. Holly on the other hand caught a sniff on the wind and wandered off to investigate. OTL called, Holly sniffed, OTL called, Holly found the sniff, OTL shouted, Holly did her first roll, OTL bellowed 'NO', Holly did her second roll (with wriggle), OTL bellowed again 'NOOOOO! Holly did another roll with a 'Slide and Wiggle' as well!

OTL decided to put the ferrets and me in the car and come back for Holly. Off we went and after a bit Holly came bounding along the path with a big silly grin on her face!

'Wanna Sniff?' she said, 'No thanks' said I knowing she was in trouble. You could see that 'Cos OTL didn't put her on the lead but instead told her to get into the back of the car. It was when he clipped the lead on her and fixed it to a ring so she couldn't sit on the front seats that it slowly dawned on her that all may not be as well as she would have liked!

Home we went and she soon found out what OTL can do to a Sniffy Puppy!

She got washed from the tip of her nose to the last hair of her tail and everything in between!


 Holly was not a happy puppy and afterwards climbed onto the sofa and lay down on our blanket. TM took pity on her and covered her with a fleece to keep her warm!

What did I do to deserve all that washing?
 There was Lambs Heart for breakfast but it was a while before Holly ventured out from under the fleece!

By the way, we have been inundated with emails wanting to know where and what time the Ferret Show is on this Saturday. Well, Mike and Sue asked us any way!

We are pleased to tell you that it is being held at the Harrietsham Village Hall, so put ME17 1AP into your SatNav and it will take you there. Loads of parking space in the dedicated car park.

If you are showing any ferrets you can get in from 09:00hr with booking in starting at 10:30hr.

Visitors are allowed in from 11:00hr.

Judging starts at 12:00hr

The show finishes at 18:00hr

You will be pleased to know that food and soft drinks will be available for you Two Legs to buy. That way you won't have to share the ferrets kibble!

There will be a Tombola, so, loads of prizes and stuff and loads of profit for the  Harrietsham Ferret Rescue Centre!

So, that is the advertising for today, there maybe more tomorrow unless you tell me you are going to attend!

By the way, OTL has said that we are not having any more ferrets so it's no good us keep asking him!

He's no fun any more!

Lunch time came and the weather hadn't got any better, in fact the mist had really come down and you could hardly see your paw in front of your nose!

Holly said it would be a good idea if we had our new coats to wear but OTL said they would be here soon 'cos they have been posted. So that is something we are looking forward to, a warm dry chest and back!

OTL says he will be looking at fitting the 'Daisy Cam' to the front which I suppose will mean 'no swimming' while I'm wearing it!

Now, I was going to put a couple more pictures on the blog but before I had a chance we were put in the car and whisked off to do some baby sitting!

So, sorry we are late but blame it on OTL, it's his fault!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

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  1. What a lovely blog and pictures. Ooooh it makes a change for Miss Holly to be in the brown stuff. I bet you enjoyed that Daisy. I'm hoping for a blow by blow account of the show on Saturday. Glad to hear about the brekkie, hopefully TM is now sorted. Archie is waiting for his new coat as well. I bet you and Holly look smart in them. Were there any muggings when you went child minding last night? Hope you have a good day today :) xxx