Tuesday, 5 November 2013

It's Wet, it must be Autumn!

Hello Woofers!

The Gang's back again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

This morning has been one of those 'Lazy' mornings. We were up at our normal time and Old Two Legs was plonking away on the paddle boat. The ferrets didn't even wake up to say 'Good Morning' when OTL started his paddling!

We did notice that he increased the drag up to level three on the machine. Mind you, it goes up to level eight, so we are not yet up to the 'Manly Level', more the 'Old Duffer Doing Himself and Injury' setting!

After the noise came the calm, while he went off for a shower, on his return the ferrets woke up and the morning rituals began. First a slurp of milk which also included some medicine for Mr Brambles. Then OTL's 'Rabbit Food' with cold milk that Mr Brambles just loves to mug off OTL! What Mr Brambles gets is a finger dipped into the milk and he gets to have a lick. That way OTL keeps in his good books and because it is such a small amount Mr Brambles doesn't get the Tummy Grumbles and starts Projectile Pooing!

After yesterdays coat failure, OTL had a close look at the 'War Wound' and there was no further damage, so OTL is pleased about that!

Now I know that a wart doesn't normally cause such a big fuss but to show you why OTL was so worried about Mr Brambles, here is a snap we took this morning while Mr Brambles was cleaning the Ferretone bottle!

The 'War Wound'
The wart was about the size of a five pence piece and by the time it had been removed there was a reasonable sized hole that had to be covered again!

If you imaging you had a wart on your hip the size of a small saucepan lid, you'll get the picture!

So, our big brave Mr Brambles is getting better at a steady pace and that is why OTL is keeping a close eye on him!

He is still not allowed out down the beach yet, so he went back to bed and showed off while Snowflake came out with us.

Now Snowflake is not a natural 'Early Morning Person' and even then, she is not a 'Early Morning Fresh Air Person' either!

So, when she is put down on the beach she take ages to warm up and she doesn't look too happy when she's doing it!

Chilly Innit?
 Holly and I had a run up and down the beach while we waited for Snowflake. We were having a rest up near the top of the beach when I had this brilliant idea.

Let's go for a run on the mud!

I haven't felt the squidgy feeling between my claws for ages!

Holly said that it would not be a good idea, especially as OTL was looking at us while he waited for Snowflake to get moving!

Well, I thought it was a good idea anyway!

How about a Squidgy Run!
When we got home we got a bowl of Chicken each which went down a treat! After which Holly and I retired to a soft sleeping place and crashed out for the rest of the morning!

Both ferrets did exactly the same, however, Mr Brambles did a crafty trick, he started to lick his 'War Wound' which means that OTL had to distract him with some Ferretone!

It's no good being a ferret if you can't be a 'Crafty Ferret'!

Lunch time and it had just stopped raining, so OTL and us set off to see if there were any more interviews to give, but there was no one down on the beach except us!

You could see the rain clouds that had passed us and when we looked behind, there were some more creeping up!

It looks like Rain!
 We decided that a quick wee and a warm bed would be the best thing to order up this afternoon, so back we went to the car in double quick time!

Needless to say, our route back was full of muddy spots and puddles, still, we washed all the muddy bits off our paws by running into the puddles, now there's clever for you!

Splash, Splash, Splash, Splosh!
Back home the ferrets were still snoring so we decided to join them! I wonder what OTL has got for dinner tonight and will we be able to mug him?

I'll let you know tomorrow!

By the way, tonight there should be loads of Whizz Bangs and OTL has promised to give Holly lots of cuddles to help her get over them. Mind you, she has said that she draws the line at a 'Thunder Vest' 'cos she has seen what a plonker Mr Brambles looked in his and there is no way she is going to wear one, even if it was painted pink and was covered in glitter!

So that looks like OTL's tailoring has come to an end!

Bye for now.


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. What a nice day, good to see you out enjoying the fresh air. Poor Mr Brambles, he really is a brave chap. Daisy how come you and Holly didn't get in on the interview yesterday..... you's are so much prettier than OTL. So glad you had a lovely brekkie this morning, hope OTL has a muggable dinner tonight. Hope the whizz bangs don't upset you or Holly. Archie isn't taking any notice of them but he says he'd like to bite the whizz bangers bum because they wake him up when he's having his evening snooze. Hope the weather is kind to you all tomorrow :) xxx

  2. Hello girls and Mr Brambles, that's some wound you've got there old chap, I'm sorry I sniggered at you in your vest yesterday .. still it sounds as if you've got OTL eating out of your claws giving you Ferretone to stop you scratching it. It's like me a dog's got to do what a dog's got to do, I'll make the most of having some cuddles and the odd crumbs from TMs biscuits while the Whizz bangs are going off, talking of which Holly you don't need a thunder vest ...it's really not a good look and does nothing for your street cred.. you girls look pretty cool as you are even when you're splashing in mud and puddles. Right I'm off cos it's getting pretty noisy out there and I can hear the kettle being put on so there will be some mugging to be done .. take care and keep safe bye Jasper & TM xx

  3. Ferrets gnawing at stitches is fairly normal. Cocoa has a growth, probably a wart, on her wrist. She's going to have an operation on it next Tuesday, the vet says they'll put something on it to stop her pulling the stitches out, probably surgical glue. She got told about Mr Brambles and his stitches at that point. Cocoa's growth isn't quite as big as Mr Brambles's. But then again she isn't as big as he is either.

  4. Love the clouds!! super picture .... good luck to Cocoa.x