Friday, 22 November 2013

OTL's Still Messing About!

Hello Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Hey! Guess wot? There was no rain here today! Up and down the coast there were showers but on our patch, wind and some sun shine!

That made it great for our morning walk along the beach. Snowflake even got into the mood and started to dig a hole!

My Hole!
Of course, Mr Brambles was in ferret heaven, digging his own hole!

His Hole!
 Holly and I were running up and down the beach woofing out that it was 'OUR BEACH'!

This belongs to us!
After a good game of chase we ran back to where the ferrets were digging. As normal, as soon as we got close to Mr Brambles, he came running up to us to play 'Chase' as well!

You know, I reckon that Mr Brambles has got a good chance of becoming an 'Honorary Dog'. Well lets face it, he digs holes like a dog, sniffs Snowflake's tail like a dog, has a wee with one back leg in the air, just like a dog and he chases us as well, just like a dog!

On top of that, he can be a real 'Bozo' when he puts his mind to it, just for a laugh!

It wasn't long before we all headed for home with both of the ferrets trying to set a trap for Holly and I but we heard them planning so we just ran off!

We'll jump out at the top of the stairs!
Back home OTL prepared our breakfast of Chicken and Biscuits 'cos The Missus was too busy making stuff for her next 'Master Class' tomorrow!

As normal, we got a little Chicken Stock drizzled over our meal and after OTL had stirred it all up, there was a little at the bottom of the bowl being soaked up by the biscuits!

Well, lunch time came and we woofed OTL to take us out, even though he was watching the F1 Practise One and off we went for another run down on the Sea Wall.

We didn't notice it first of all but he is still playing with the Infrared Thingy and took some seriously strange  photos!

Sheerness with Infrared!
We didn't mind 'cos he had given us our breakfast and served it up just as we liked it.

You know what? We even stood still so he could take our picture, a real pose!

This is our 'Cool' look!
Back home OTL moved my bed into the office and I had a super snooze almost all afternoon, it was just like old times when I used to spend all day with OTL in the office, but that was when I was a puppy!

TM is off tomorrow, so we will have OTL to ourselves tomorrow to bully him if we want to do anything but we will need to check on the weather before telling him we want to go to the forest!

There on the other paw, he may have another bash at the decorating thing! I think he is regretting starting the scraping 'cos he has to remove a layer of paint that is covered with a rubber glue!

Poor OTL!

Hey! What about Archie Babe? I wonder if he got Chicken to eat at the vets or was it Doggy Scoff? Let's hope it all went well and he managed to come out with 'Flying Colours' and an 'All Clear'!

Claws Crossed Archie Babe!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles .


  1. What a lovely day you've had. I think OTL has sacked TM from cooking brekkie, I don't blame him. What a lovely feast you must have had this morning. Lovely photos of you all, specially the infra red ones. I think you should let Mr Brambles be an honorary dog, he's better than some dogs at digging holes. Maybe even consider Snowflake, I mean she did bite the vet so that's all points in her favour. Archie babe is still at the vets, I'm waiting for a phone call to collect him when they've finished with him, knowing him though he's probably hanging it out for extra cuddles from the nurses, he loves them. Unfortunately he was only getting doggie scoff :( all together now ........... awwww poor Archie. I think I won't be getting cuddles tonight, I think he'll be quite cross with me. I'll let you know as soon as I get him home and thanks for your good wishes for him, he'll be cheered up by that. Happy muggings girls :) xxx

  2. Oh yes, honorary dog title for Mr Brambles providing he tackles one small helping of doggie scoff first. Those ferrets have had a lovely play today in the dry weather, so pleased that it wasn't so cold. Breakfast sounds a treat, keep it up OTL the soggy biscuit works wonders.
    The infrared photo with the blue sky is the one I like best. Enjoy your day with OTL tomorrow I shall see TM as Michael and I are taking our Daisy to your neck of the woods, maybe even see you if you are not too tired from all the running and eating cordon blue meals. xxxx