Thursday, 7 November 2013

Whizz Bangs, Cuddles and Sniffs!

Hello Woofers!

Here we are, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

After we posted the blog last night Holly and I successfully mugged Old Two Legs for some Gammon from his dinner plate! Mmmmm!

We all settled down to a snoozy evening when some Bozo of a Two Legs started letting off loud Whizz Bangs that got Holly all wound up again.

This time we knew exactly what she wanted and we all had an early night, we were off to bed with lots of cuddles and she didn't even wake us all up later to go for a wee!

In the morning, we ran into the office just before OTL got strapped into his rowing machine and gave him a 'Good Morning' lick, before he got all sweaty again!

The ferrets were all full of life this morning as well, chasing each other all over the place, in and out of the cardboard boxes and tubes that OTL has made into an 'Adventure Playground'

Mr Brambles 'War Wound' is getting better but it is still a bit raw where the stitch pulled out but at least he is not worrying it, so we reckon it should be good and dry by the time he goes back to visit the vet!

Our run down on the Sea Wall was a bit damp this morning 'cos there was a lot of rain last night. We didn't meet any other Woofers but we did see a couple of Green Woodpeckers that we hadn't see much of this summer.

Mind you, by the time I had seen them then pointed them out to 'The Gang', they had flown further up the Sea Wall!

Here! Look! Green Woodpeckers............................Oh!........There they Go!
Snowflake and I were sniffin' around the log again and we were comparing sniffs and what bugs were inside the log!

See, it jumped from this rock onto the log and then went down the hole!
Snowflake seemed convinced that it was some sort of wood boring beetle or worm that spent it's life eating away wooden ships!

.....and when it gets here, it turns around and goes back again!
Holly wasn't too impressed 'cos she had studied wood boring worms at evening classes and reckons that they get rid of them nowadays with special paint that replicates the action of copper mixed with sea water.

She is such a clever Woofer sometimes!

Mind you, it didn't stop Snowflake and I from doing some more investigating, even if Holly was bored with the sniff!

Look! it came out here for a breath of fresh sea water!
Back home we got Chicken and Biscuits for breakfast but it was a bit cold. When OTL does our breakfast he makes sure it is good and warm, and we get all the skin as well but The Missus leaves it for a while to cool down and it's just not the same.

We'll have to get OTL to give her instructions on how to cook and serve our meals!

Mr Brambles was all tucked up in bed 'Convalescencing' as he calls it, we call it 'Snoring his head Off'!

Just having a 'Convalescence'!
He said that he is looking forward to being let out for a walk again and he's getting a bit fed up with staying in doors all day.

Lunch time came and OTL had to deliver some stuff down town, so, off we went singing our driving songs! Of course, having been good little girls we demanded to be taken for an 'Adventure' so OTL took us to The Forrest!

Now you wouldn't normally describe The Forrest as an adventure but as soon as we had got off the lead, OTL put us back on the lead again 'cos we saw Monsters following us!

Don't look behind you but.............!
 That was it, were off and around the corner as soon as we saw them! Once they had wandered off we went in search of Squirrels!

We searched all around the trees and bushes and in the undergrowth and under the fallen trees and in the 'Squirrel Holes' in the trees but, we didn't find a single squirrel!

No, nuffin' up here either!
 Having decided that all the squirrels had run away or were hibernating already, we went hunting Badgers!

Here be Badgers, but they're not at home!
 We found some Badger sniffs but no sign of them scurrying around the woods today, we were Badgerless!

I decided that if there were no Badgers then we should go back to 'Huntin' Squirrel' 'cos we're good at hunting squirrel but that is when we see a squirrel and we have seen squirrels here before and therefore there must be squirrels here now!

Again we hunted high and low and stood and listened to the forest telling us what was about and we still saw nuffin'!

 Holly reckons that they were all hiding in their Winter Dreys, chomping on nuts and keeping warm by roasting their toes on the fire!

It was very squidgy on the path all the way around and at times OTL had to go off the path and into the trees to save falling over in the quaggy bits!

All in all it was a fun time and an adventure!

Back home we both had a snooze before Holly caught the sniff of food being prepared and you know what that means? It's Mugging Time!

We're off to see what it is and if it's worth mugging!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles (also known as Grumpy!)


  1. Hope there's good muggings tonight, hot muggings as well. Lovely pictures today. Glad Mr Brambles is leaving his war wound alone and convalescing well. Now the squirrels seem to have moved from your woods, I think they may have stowed away on my car because we have more squirrels up here than ever before. They are keeping Archie very busy and he has decided he doesn't like them, they're very rude to him. Snowflake is very interested in that piece of wood, OTL could take it home and she could share it with Mr Brambles. I think you're right about getting OTL to give TM cooking lessons. Hope there aren't anymore whizz bangs to upset Holly tonight. :) xxx

  2. Hi girls,
    glad Mr Brambles is on the mend as I bet he is a little upset being indoors, I know I am. Hope Holly is ok and you don't all have to go to bed early again. Never mind by the weekend that should be the end on the fireworks and you can all start thinking about Christmas. XX