Sunday, 1 December 2013

A Quiet Day Today and more on The Show!

Hi Woofers!

We're back again!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Daddy Brambles!

We were a little late getting up today, Old Two Legs was up at his normal time for a splash around the office on the rowing machine but the rest of us decided that we could all do with an extra half an hour in bed!

By the time we were ready to get out for our walk the only one still in bed was Holly, 'Just five minutes more!' was all she could say!

Down on the beach we all had a run around, except Snowflake who was still half asleep, as normal!

OK, I'm waking up, Honest!
 I wandered off to have a dig before Mr Brambles could muscle in and pinch the hole!

Mine, all Mine!
 I needn't have bothered 'cos he was almost up to his tail in his own hole!

Mine! All Mine!
 Holly started her hole but then collapsed onto the beach to have a 'Snooze Break' and it took Mr Brambles to wake her up!

Pleeese! Just Five Minutes More!
We are still getting over The Show yesterday, what a day! 

The judging was going well and soon it was Snowflakes turn to face the judges. She was entered in the 'Albino Jill' section and there were loads of entries in this section so she was 'In The Deep End' but she strutted her stuff and bristled up her whiskers and fluffed her tail as best as she could.

A little while later she and another albino jill were called back for a second look! Well, we were all very excited about that and we kept our claws crossed!

In the end the winners were announced and the four winners names were called. Snowflake wasn't in that list but the other jill was, so, that means Snowflake would have come fifth! Now that's not too bad of a result for a first time entry!

Next time we will be ready to put on a really good show, now that we know what is needed!

All was not lost though, there was a competition that the entrants and visitors were the judges. Although it was a fun thing it was great when it was announced that 'The Cutest Face' winner was ..........SNOWFLAKE by a big margin! 

Well, what can you say, we all know she has a super cute face!

The prize was a bag of goodies which includes a Pint Glass labelled 'Fursty Ferret', so OTL was given that!

When Mr Brambles met up with his son and you could see the family resemblance, he defiantly has his daddies eyes!

You could say that helped him to get a winning place in the 'Sandy Hob' section! Not only was he chuffed at meeting his son but Mr Brambles could be heard cheering loudly from his show cage when Buddy's name was called out!

Buddy, Mr Brambles Son can you see the resemblance? We think he has his Dads eyes!
We did have a super surprise as well. You see, Mr Brambles looks a bit of a Patchwork Quilt with his shaved side where he had his operation. It sort of makes him not look his best and his hair has yet to grow back. So, you can imagine just how pleased we all were when his name was called out for the fourth place in the Disabled Section! We got a certificate and a 4th Place Rosette! OTL was dead chuffed and we could hear Buddy cheering from his cage as well!

Like Father like Son?

Mr Brambles has the rosette pinned onto the cage at home, just so everyone will be able to see it!

4th Place for Mr Brambles!
There were loads of happy winners and you could see that the Two Legs were just as proud as the ferrets!

1st Place!
Of course, the proudest was the 'Best of Show' winner, now that is a prize worth having!

Wow! Best in Show!
The Missus said that it was wonderful day and it was so good to be with everyone who loved and cared for their ferrets as much as we do!

Snowflake has asked for a ferret sized rowing machine so she can 'Work Out' and get super fit for next years show! She has also promised to stop laughing at OTL when he's on his rowing machine!

Now OTL has taken some video of the show.

The video shows first of all, Mr B giving Snowflake a loving cuddle and a lick on the ear before going in for judging!

Then we go to some of the other ferrets and on to a super big portable 'Garden' cage!

There is a shot of a pair of Hairy Tibetan Ferrets, a very rare example!

Young Daisy (Two Legs) is saying hello!

Finally, you can see the  Ferrets Bag Race which Snowflake will enter next year!  


Well, that's it for today, we are all a little snoozy and have spent most of the day curled up in OTL's office. 

That was until OTL took us out at lunchtime but spent all his time playing with the Infrared Thingy again!

It keeps him happy and this is the best way to spend a Sunday, happy and relaxed!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Daddy Brambles.


  1. Oh wow, what a brilliant blog. I think those judges were nobbled ....... no way can I believe Snowflake and Mr Brambles didn't win 1st prizes and as for those Tibetan ferrets, well, they were definitely best in show. The show sounded brilliant, wish I could have come to watch. Glad you've all had an easy day today, just what you need after all the excitement of yesterday. I hope you get extra muggings tonight, I think you girls deserve it. What a pair of cuties. Archie sends sniffs and licks to his favourite girls. :) xxx

  2. Hi Woofers and Fuzzies, it must have been hard getting up this morning after all the excitement yesterday, love the pictures and video of the show those Tibetan ferrets were amazing and friendly too, wagged their tails like little woofers when little Daisy two legs was looking at them :) they were in a class of their own! Well Mr B must have some amazing genes and he has passed them on to his son Buddy if he was a winner , and then he takes 4th place in the disabled section. Hope Miss Snowflake isn't too disappointed that she didn't get a rosette in the Jill section, she will know what to expect next year, you need to keep her running up and down that beach to keep her fit ... but winning the cutest face comp was a lovely thing especially as it was voted for by the public. Don't think I have got a hope in hell's chance of passing myself off as a ferret even a Tibetan one I'll have to work on that one. Happy muggins, girlies xxx Jasper and his missus

  3. What a fantastic event, well done all of you even TM deserves a mention for the food given to those really big ferrets, Daisy and Holly.
    Loved the video is showed off the ferrets very well. I think all has been said, well done Snowflake and Mr Brambles I'm sure you will both get 1st place next time. XXX

  4. Well done Daisy for compiling such a good Blog, if there was a prize for Blogging you would win paws down. The video showed something of the event for all your readers who could not be there and I was so pleased to come and see you all. You and Holly behaved so, so, well you deserved a big prize of your own and so kind the man who loaned OTL that cage. Poor everyone not being able to get up this morning, I don't blame you, it has been a very traumatic time with all the nerves of the first show. Next year go for it an you and Holly show the people how big ferrets know what to do. Big hugs xxxx