Friday, 13 December 2013

OTL's been Busy!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Yes, today has been a busy day for Old Two Legs. It started off this morning when we looked out of the window, rain, lots of it, OTL said that it may not be a good idea to let Snowflake come with us for our morning walk. You see, she has a 'Poo Pot' where she can go and other than a good sniff and some fresh air and a run, there is no real need for her to go out and the same for Mr Brambles. So it was just us dogs who had to brave the storm!

Holly is not into rain, especially the wet stuff, you know, the stuff that falls down and bounces on your nose, just when your not expecting it, even if it is raining!

When we get times like that Holly does her 'Nose Down Tail Up' and refuses to move!

It's cold and wet and I don't want to go!
 It gets so bad that OTL has to put her lead back on to make sure she doesn't run back to the car!

So, Holly got to walk behind OTL, grumbling about getting wet in the rain and not wanting to be out and there must be a law against this and she is going to tell The Missus when she gets back.......etc!

That all lasted until we got to the beach where OTL let us off the lead 'cos as he says, 'There's only back you can go so make the most of it!'

So we did, a sniff or two a wee and another sniff, just for the hell of it!

I remember this from yesterday!
 Holly soon forgot about moaning about the rain and we carried on sniffin' the sniffs!

Here! Can this be called a Wet Sniff?

We carried on like that until we got back to the car. Our rain coats kept most of the rain off except on our face and legs and chest but a good rub down with one of our towels soon got the worse off, then it was 'Back Home' to a Lambs Heart Breakfast!

Now we were supposed to go down to see Auntie Zoe today but TM is still sniffin' and coughing and complaining! So the trip was called off. Well for us but not OTL!

He was soon packed off with presents and stuff that needed to be taken down there. Now, near to Christmas and especially on a Friday loads of Two Legs go out shopping and driving around in their cars. OTL says 'It was Hell on the Motorway!'

Trouble with OTL, he hasn't done much driving since he retired, well, not in the rush hours or near to Christmas!

So, from just after our morning stroll up to late this afternoon we have had to put up with trips to the garden and spending all day snoozing, it's a hard life!

OTL got back about five and straight away took us down to the Sea Wall again, even though it was dark, but we still enjoyed a bit of fresh air and the sniffs!

The ferrets weren't too happy about being stuck in the cage all day but claws crossed, they should be able to get out tomorrow!

We're off to see whats for mugging tonight, so bye bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. Oh dear, poor Holly. I hope you girls got a nice warm brekkie. Didn't you fancy going with OTL? Lovely pics, you do look very pretty in your coats. I bet Snowflake didn't miss going out in the cold. Hope you stayed cuddling up to TM while OTL was out. Enjoy your muggings tonight :) xxx

  2. Lovely pictures, I chuckled at the eight legged dog train in the last one, just the way I looked at it, fabulous. I don't do rain either so I am with Holly on that matter and the little ones are best warm and dry at home. Liked the fact that you had Lambs Heart, wonderful but so sorry to read that TM still isn't better, what can be done? Wish I could wave a magic wand and get it to go away as she is missing out on so much not being well. Lots of cuddles are needed but don't go catching it yourselves. Hugs xxxx