Monday, 16 December 2013

Running with Ferrets!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Well, today has been a good day. It started off this morning when Old Two Legs got up late but still managed his thirty minutes on the paddle machine! He was interrupted twice with Holly Dog rushing into the office and jumping up onto his lap to give him a 'Good Morning Lick' and she was laughing all over her face when she was doing it!

Miss Snowflake was up and ferreting around her half of the cage and enjoying a spot of breakfast.

We have got showers forecast for today but when it was time to go out OTL decided that it would be a good idea to take both ferrets at the same time 'cos come lunch time it may be all floods and storms on the Sea Wall!

Off we went with both ferrets in the travelling cage!

Of course, Miss Snowflake stayed wrapped up in OTL's pocket, as normal, but Mr Brambles was enjoying a run on the path even though he kept wanting to go the wrong way!

Down on the beach he was well away digging his 'Traditional Hole', like, long and deep instead of round and deep!

'Well, There I was, Digging this Hole, Hole in the sand, so big and never round'!
 Miss Snowflake on the other hand was doing her 'I wanna go back to bed' trick, but OTL said she had to get some exercise or she would end up all fat and fur!

Snowflake said that 'All Fat And Fur' is normal for a Winter Ferret! Nobody believed her though!

Fat and Fur is OK for a Winter Ferret!
We were having fun sniffin' the sea weed that turns up each Christmas on the beach. We've seen Two Legs gathering the stuff up to sell down in Rochester Market!

Wadda You Reckon? Five Bob a Bunch?
 By now Miss Snowflake had got going and Mr Brambles was having fun climbing up the rocks.

Next stop the Scottish Mountains, just like OTL used to do!
It was then, when we were all discussing Mountain Climbing, that Holly suggested we have a running race back to the car, so it was One Woof, Two Woof, Three Woof and GO!

We let the ferrets get going first of all 'cos Mr B is likely to give our legs a nip as we pass on the narrow path, that's 'cos he is sneaky like that!

Now we're off ahead of those dogs!
 It was good fun, we even got OTL to do some running to keep up! He said it was just too much all this Running with Ferrets and on top of that he was Running with Woofers as well!

I won't tell you who won, but let's say, we were first into the car!

Our lunchtime walk was a bit late 'cos we didn't get our breakfast until late in the morning and by the time we had our 'After Breakfast Snooze' it was a quarter to three!

You can tell that Winter is almost here, it gets dark very early, about three thirty or thereabouts, we know it's dark 'cos OTL's little 'Point and Shoot Camera' has a mind of its own and keeps popping off the flash when OTL isn't looking!

 Looking along the Sea Wall, there is nothing of any real interest and all the colours have gone as well!

No colours this time of the day!
Even a quick snap of Holly from the back brings out the Auto Flash! Poor OTL can't find the command to turn off the flash, seems the camera is too smart for him!

Oops! Another quick flash!
Tomorrow the big car goes in for its service, so it is back to the little car for our trip down to the beach. I hope it is a bit warmer 'cos it takes too long to warm up that little car and there are no heated seats either and no cushions and on top of that the windows are too small and we can't see the Bozo Woofers and cats to woof at as we go past!

Holly reckons OTL has got Venison Steak tonight with Mushroom Risotto instead of egg and chips, not sure if OTL will like that, it's too healthy sounding and we do like our venison dipped into a bit of eggy!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!


  1. Lovely pictures again today. Miss Snowflake definitely doesn't look happy about being out in the mornings, but Mr B makes up for it, you can see he's raring to go. Lovely picture of you sticking your tongue out Daisy. I think maybe it's time you and OTL went on strike about the rations in your house. Everyone one needs an egg for dipping and a few chips to dip in it. Oh well happy muggings anyway, you never know, TM might relent and do a few chips and an egg. :) xxx

  2. Good story today I do like the picture titles, has OTL told you what 5 bob is being as you are too young to know? Must remember that the little car beats having to walk all the way to the sea wall as well as along it but by the time you had your after breakfast snooze it was nearly dark this won't do, you must get OTL up earlier tomorrow. Is this a TM ploy to get you to miss a meal completely, you had better gang up with those ferrets and go on guard duty strike. Hope you managed to get dinner in and had some muggings. xxxx