Friday, 27 December 2013

Snowflakes Birthday Today!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

Guess what? It was a year ago today that Miss Snowflake crawled out from under the shed and we spotted her! We were told she was 'Two Years Old' so, we have decided that December 27th is going to be her birthday each year!

So, Happy Birthday Miss Snowflake, three years old today! Not that she was excited about a run on the beach, but we went anyway!

My Birthday Wish is for a Warm Bed!
 We all joined in the Rock Climb, even Old Two Legs had a go as well!

OK, where is OTL?
Late morning OTL had to go out to the car and when he came back he told us to stay away from the windows! Why? Well, it seems that last night as the wind blew, it started to blow one of the trees over in the front of the house and not only that, it landed on the tree next to it, sort of like domino's when they fall against each other!

This afternoon, OTL, (I'm a Lumberjack and I'm OK, I sleep all night and most of the day!) was on the telephone trying to find a Tree Surgeon, no success!  

So, off to B&Q for a Bow Saw and into the garage for a ladder and he chopped it down in sections, all on his own!

Down it came!
 We sat at the bedroom window and watched bits being chopped off and it came down just where he had planned it to, clever OTL!

A Bit Off The Top?
Now it is a case of getting a Tree Surgeon in to take all the other trees down and make it into a Car Park!

I bet the birds will have a thing to say about that, nowhere to build their nests!

I think that there may be more discussions before a final decision is made! I mean, you cant throw the birds out of their homes!

We are off to do some mugging 'cos we are both feeling peckish!

Snowflake is holding a Birthday Party tonight and we have all been invited, and it's a 'Bring a Nibble' party!

See you tomorrow and we'll let you know what happened!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Happy Birthday Snowflake xxxxx My goodness she couldn't have come up from behind a better shed ...... OTL, TM, you and Holly and then to get her own live in chap Mr Brambles. I bet Snowflake is the luckiest little ferret in the world. Looking forward to hearing about this party tomorrow. What nibbles are you taking, or does it mean come to the party and take away a nibble? Now no drinking you furries, you're all too young but TM & OTL can have a little drink, purely for medicinal purposes. Love todays pictures. I tree came down in front of ours the other day but the local scavengers have all cleared it away for their log burners. That OTL is a clever chap cutting it down and getting it to land just where he wants it. Somehow I don't see OTL making the birds homeless, he's too kind hearted. Happy muggings tonight girls and enjoy the party. :) xxxx Archie sends Snowflake some birthday wags :) xx

  2. Hi girlies and Mr B wish I had known there was a party in yours tonight I would have got my gladrags on and been down there in a shot. Anyway you enjoy it and tell us all about it tomorrow. Happy birthday, Snowflake, best decision you ever made ... coming out from under that shed in Godwin Mansion's garden. OTL was very clever getting that tree to land where he wanted it to, I don't think he'll leave the birds homeless either, cos he loves animals, he'd have them all indoors if he could .... well all except that rat that's stalking the garden. well girlies time to get off the computer...enjoy your party ...word of warning... don't touch the Twiglets if there are any cos they taste ugh... awful, don't ask how I know !!! see ya xx Jasper and Missus M xx

  3. Happy Birthday Snowflake
    Sorry to hear about those trees OTL thats more expense, he will be crying in his wallet again Daisy.
    Anyway you four look after the master as he is suffering. XXX

    Soon be New Year and more treats for you all. XXX

  4. Happy Birthday to Snowflake hope the Birthday Fairy brought you lots of presents..........
    Sorry to hear about your trees and poor Braveheart OTL had to turn into a lumberjack, glad you all kept out of the way. Enjoy the party tonight and don't let Holly eat all the food, save a bit for OTL as he needs the extra to ward off his nasty cold. Take care of OTL and TM Daisy, you will have to take charge. Big hugs and extra little hug for Miss Snowflake. XXXXXX (x)