Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Last Jab!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

We woke up this morning to find there is frost on all the garage roofs and a foggy mist that stopped us seeing across the fields!

Old Two Legs said it was going to be fun trying to photograph the landscape through all that mist!

Still, when we got down to the Sea Wall it wasn't so bad as it was at home and he got this one, which isn't too bad!

The beginning of our walk!
 I prefer this shot even though it doesn't show the drama of the sun!

A Better Beginning to our Walk!
Down on the beach, Snowflake was making a big fuss about it being cold and damp and while she and OTL were 'Having a Discussion' about whether she should be picked up or not, Holly and I found a SNIFF!

Quick, another roll while he's not looking!
 Snowflake was doing one of her 'Show Off's' but OTL said what was the good of coming out for a 'Run' if she spent all her time in his jacket pocket?

Pleeese Daddy, Pick Me Up!
Holly by this time was sitting on the beach giving the Curlew the eyeball and wondering if it tasted like chicken!
Mmmmm, Chicken or Scampi?
 Snowflake showed off and decided that OTL wasn't going to carry her back to the car, so she set off at a pace that was just too fast for us doggy's to get a good sniff of the sniffs!

Come on! Get a Move On!
 At the top of the hill, OTL tried another picture of the sun and the mist, well, it's OK but not as good as his big camera!
Sheerness is over there!
Mr Brambles was off for his jab at ten thirty and this time it was a young Miss Vet type person, very nice and even gave OTL a 10% discount 'cos he turned up on a day when Old Age Pensioners get a discount!

OTL liked that!

Mr Brambles had his snout in a large bottle cap full of Ferretone and didn't even flinch when she stabbed him!

There's a Brave Ferret!

Then Mr B went off with OTL and The Missus 'cos TM wanted to do some shopping. Mr B and OTL stayed in the car and Mr B was running along the top of the dash board pulling faces at the Two Legs going past, none of whom even noticed him!

Let's face it, just how often do you see a ferret running across the top of a dashboard!

Back home to an afternoons snooze and get ready for a walk with OTL later!

We went for our walk along the Sea Wall, a little later than normal, as usual and we 'Sniffed the Sniffs' but there was nothing too exciting. In fact it was more fun watching OTL trying to take a picture of the sun!

Bye Bye Mr Sun
When he got fed up with that, he then tried photographing the moon!

Hello Mr Moon!
Maybe he should go back and study the 'Instruction Manual'!

Holly soon got bored with all this 'Celestial Photography' and carried on Sniffin' the Sniffs'!

Not Much to Sniff!
OTL has got Gammon tonight, so that means a good chance of some muggins!

So, that's it for our day today, we are going to try out the Daisy Cam tomorrow, should be good for a laugh!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Love OTL's pictures, specially the moon. What a good day you've had. What a brave Mr B, if I were him I'd go back to the young lady vet, she obviously knows how to give injections painlessly and a discount on top, wow OTL must be well pleased, don't they give the 10% when ever he goes at your vet? Ours do if you're a pensioner and old. You naughty pair having a roll in the sniff when Miss Snowflake distracted OTL. Happy muggings girls and hope TM recovers from her cold soon, or OTL might take her down the vets. :) xxxx

  2. Hello young woofers and Fuzzies.. sorry I haven't been around much this week, the Missus has been glittering and gluing like crazy .. but you know better than most what that's all about ..except my TM isn't as good at it as your TM and she makes a terrible mess! Pleased Mr B is on the mend, he didn't score any points on the 'Bite a Vet' meter but at least he's better. Lovely photos from OTL especially the frosty ones.. don't know what it is but I love frosty mornings oooooh they just bring out the devil in me and I run around like a right Bozo. Now my Missus she loves the sunset one and she swears she can see the moon's face ... mmmmmm well whatever!! That Miss Snowflake is a one isn't she putting on the 'poor little me' face to distract OTL while you two roll in the sniffs .... perhaps I'll have to get myself a ferret as a decoy... :). Well hope you are all looking after TM and giving her lots of cuddles nothing worse than a two legs with a cold, coughing and spluttering ... hope she's better soon ... or she'll need to go to the vets but she'll have to wait a whole week till next Tuesday for the 10% discount!! well best get a wriggle on .. Tm's getting the glitter out and all that glitter in my black coat is NOT a good look. Bye Jasper and her indoors xx

  3. What lovely pictures today, I don't want to choose a best one because I love them all. Mark a big note in your Dairy Daisy that you can only be poorly on a Monday night/Tuesday morning to get the 10% discount at the vets. Poor TM what has happened to her, is she suffering from "Over Glitter" or "Hectic Christmas", a good remedy is lots of Doggie Scoff served in a cold tin bowl. Mr Brambles has mastered the vets needle now, so very pleased that he is recovering from his malady. Keep warm on these cold frosty mornings, keep well. xxxx