Saturday, 14 December 2013

TM Must Be Dying, She's Missed The Crop!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

What a super day today, no rain, no cold wind, blue sky's and it's the weekend!

We were up early 'cos The Missus was going to her Crop in the village hall today but after half an hour downstairs she announced that she was 'Too ill to go, and on top of that she didn't want to give the lurgy to anyone else before Christmas'!

Now, for TM to miss out on a day long binge of card making and eating and gassing and drinking and making merry, sloshing the glue pot and dusting everything with glitter, she has got to be bad!

So, off we went, up to the hall and got all the tables and chairs out ready for the gang to turn up, then we took TM back so she can spend the rest of the day on the sofa using up all those 'Man Size' tissues Old Two Legs got her yesterday!

We were then off to the Sea Wall. It was right on High Tide when we got onto the beach, we know that 'cos there is always some big waves that crash onto shore just at full tide!

It's a good job she didn't take too long waking up 'cos the High Tide wave was rather big!

OK, who nicked my bed?
This was one wave that tried to get right up the beach where Snowflake was having a run but she managed to get out of the way, just in time!

Ya Missed Me!
We had some fun running up and down the beach and Snowflake even enjoyed a bit of hole digging. I of course had to give it my opinion and declared it to be 'Satisfactory'!

Not bad but needs more attention to the sides!
Snowflake also enjoyed a bit of Rock Climbing especially as the tide was breaking on the lower rocks, so that made it a bit more dangerous than normal 'cos just imagine what would happen if she fell off!

Should I have got roped up for this?
Back home she was telling Mr Brambles all about it and he said he will go out with OTL at lunch time and see what is left of the hole!

So lunchtime we were out again but we found that the hole had been washed away! Mr Brambles said that he would dig one of his own but actually, it looked more like a trench!

It's called a Long Hole!
 We did notice that his tail was getting seriously fluffy, he may even beat Snowflake for fluffiness!

Just the 'War Wound' to be covered!
 Mr B was having loads of fun on the way back tot he car, he was playing 'Hunt The Dog'!

What would happen was Holly and I were a bit ahead of him and OTL, having a sniff, as you do. Mr Brambles would be in the grass behind us racing like the clappers to get to us so he could give our back legs a nip!

Saucy Ferret!

Still, it was giving him loads of fun trying to get us! He was really glad to get out in the fresh air and was running down the path jumping all over the place! It was so funny watching him do his 'War Dance' at the same time running after us!

Snowflake makes a noise when she is happy or playing a game, OTL calls it 'Chuckling' but other ferret owners call it 'Dooking'. Now Mr Brambles has yet to do any serious Dooking or Chuckling, in fact he is a very quiet ferret, except when he is sleeping!

When he is dreaming he 'Squeaks', just one squeak at a time, but it is so funny. I've often wondered what he is dreaming about when he does that.

OTL says that both Holly and I bark and growl in our sleep!

The funniest sound though, is OTL and TM snoring when they are asleep, especially when they are doing it together, in hamony!

OK, now we are off to the village hall to put the tables and chairs away and lock up and if there is anyone there, wish them a Merry Christmas and see if there are any sandwiches left over!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. Goodness me, poor TM, this is serious stuff, you girls need to snuggle her to get her better quickly. That was good of you's to go and get her hall organized for her, I bet she and the other ladies appreciated it, hopefully they've left a tasty morsel or two for you's. Lovely pics down on the beach, Miss Snowflake is very brave near that wave and rock climbing. What about Mr B, he really is enjoying being back out for some fun. Glad you girls had a good day and the weather was better. Archie has been down the vets this morning for a manicure, he made us laugh because he was wimpering when there was no one touching him! Tsk Daisy, he's not nearly as brave as you. Well happy muggings tonight and don't forget to snuggle TM, even if she's snoring :) xxxx

  2. I just want to say thank you to OTL for helping with the crop today and for all the snuggles I'm getting from you and Holly , Daisy. xxx
    I hope Archie looks good after his manicure bless him ! Hugs for Archie I think from his TM !

  3. Ah what a pity that TM is still not well but it would not have been a good idea really for her to go, not for her or the others. I do hope they left you some nice nibbles to thank you three for all your help with those tables and chairs.
    I love Snowflakes pink nose, what a brave rock climber she is, she had a lucky escape with the big waves and it's good to see Mr Brambles out and about even if he has forgotten how to dig a hole. It did look like a trench!
    Hugs to you all, look after TM...... you had better look after OTL as well while TM isn't fit to care for him. xxxx

  4. Poor TM, hope you soon get better and start chucking the glue pot about.
    Great shots of Snowflake and Mr B, loved the long trench he made. XXX

  5. Oh dear girls, hope TM gets well again very soon, sounds as if OTL and yourselves are looking after her pretty well, even setting up the crop for her and tidying up after, bet the others missed her. Lovely pics of the fuzzies, Mr B really looks in top form, with his fluffed up tail and his war wound healing nicely. Very windy up here in Wales, it got right under my tail and sent me scuttling through the woods, I love it, but like Miss Holly I can't stand the rain, everyone tells me Labradors love swimming ...well I don't and I won't be persuaded otherwise !! well best get off my missus is nearly dropping off here love Jasper & HMxx