Tuesday, 17 December 2013

We are still on the Runway!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Another mild day today, seems that Winter has yet to find our corner of the world. Old Two Legs was watching the television this morning and saw that the airport proposed down here has not been included in the 'Short List' but will be looked at next year!

Just how daft can some Two Legs be?

If they build an airport here it will have to be a new town they will need to build, not just an airport!

What would happen to my Rock Climb? They should think of these things before making any decisions about our home!

They wouldn't take away our Rock Climbing Wall would they?
 Just think what would happen to the beach, where would Mr Brambles dig his morning 'Hole'?

I just Love Holes!
Down on the beach Snowflake was trying hard to wake up, she had travelled all the way down in OTL's jacket pocket. She is getting used to this mode of transport, it's the 'Getting Out' at the other end she doesn't like!

The Sheppy Bridge looked like it was on fire but when we looked at the picture OTL took we could see it was just steam coming out of the factory chimneys!

It looks like it's all on fire!
Mr Brambles snuggled up to Snowflake to give her some encouragement to 'Get a Move On' 'cos he was ready for the run back, you know, he ran all the way down to the beach from the car park! He says that if OTL is getting exercise then so should he!

Two Fit men in the house? Whatever next!

Come on, get yer tail in gear girl!
I must admit, I was impressed with Mr Brambles plan to get all super fit, you know before long he will be asking OTL if he can borrow the rowing machine!

Come on Miss Snowflake, we're heading back now!
Lunch time was a dual trip out, first of all we headed back to the Sea Wall and sniffed our way along the path, we had to fight our way past all the cameras and interviewers and people waiting to be interviewed!

It gets a bit boring after a while, and those television people spoil all the good sniffs!

They've trampled on all the sniffs!
No matter where we went there were traces of sniff that had been spoilt, still, it won't be long before they all clear off and leave it to us again!

They've even been down here!
After our walk we headed down into town to do some deliveries which was fun 'cos we could woof at all the other woofers and Two Legs walking along the streets!

Back home for a snooze before dinner time!

The garage came and took OTL's car away for servicing and left their motor here. They also left the car keys! Holly says that means we can use the car to go out for walks or do shopping or just a run around the town but OTL said that he didn't have time to go 'Joy Riding', mind you he said it would have been a good idea!

Dinner is soon, so we're off to do some mugging and then give OTL a cuddle while we nibble on our carrots!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. Sadly Daisy, Boris is as about as daft as a TL's can get. We'll all come down there, even Archie and bite is bum if he dares come near your rock wall and beach. We'll see him off big time. Enjoyed the pictures again today, that Mr Brambles will be super fit soon, OTL might need to do some more rowing to make sure he can keep up with him. Snowflake will probably feel better about morning walks in the Spring. Don't forget if you do see any reporters to go tell them what Boris can do with his ideas. Would love to see you being interviewed Daisy. Happy muggings and snuggles with OTL tonight :) xxxx

  2. Cocoa does not approve of two of the options on the short list. She has to shelter under cars when the growly birds go over Twickenham too often already. She doesn't any more of them. Maybe if people could let her know where the growly birds nest, she could eat their eggs.

  3. Well, so they can't decide and now you must all wait again, they said that at 7 am they would report and at 7 am they said ............ nothing really. xx
    Mr Brambles will be super fit by next village show so OTL had better watch out. Glad to hear that you have more carrots, watch out that the snowmen don't pinch them.
    Hope the car is OK and doesn't drain too much from OTLs' wallet, he has enough to contend with already. Have a super sniff Wednesday when the cameras have gone away and keep on mugging for nibbles. xxxx

  4. I recon you two Ferrets should be employed to dig out the foundations for the new airport, you could make OTL a fortune. That in turn would pay for your vet bills and a little bit left over for the motor. What do you think Daisy? XXX