Friday, 6 December 2013

We're Still Here!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Well, we are still here! They had the high tide last night and judging from the way all the sea shells are piled up at the top of the beach, it must have been a big high tide!

No reports of any flood breaches in our corner of the world, so we are the lucky ones!

Mr Brambles is not so lucky, when OTL came home yesterday he was straight up to say hello to the ferrets and saw that Mr B' poo wasn't the normal poo. This time it was bright green! An appointment with the vet followed and within half an hour, there he was having his temperature taken from the opposite end of where he was licking some Ferretone, straight from the bottle!

The vet said he had caught the ECE virus and that was the reason for him not feeling very well.

Mr Brambles was prescribed some antibiotics and he has to take it twice a day.

Now this antibiotic may do him some good but it tastes like poison! Getting it down his throat is a problem. Last night OTL tried squirting it down the side of his mouth. Mr B just shook his head and it came out again and all over the computer screen!

This morning OTL tried giving by mixing it with some Ferretone, still no good, lick, lick, lick, YUK! PHATOOEEE! And the screen was covered again!

A call to the vet while we were having our morning walk and he has suggested that we give Mr B an injection every day for the next five days! Ouch!

That is the vet giving the injection, not OTL!

So OTL has decided that is the way to go 'cos there is no way Mr B is going to take his medicine by mouth!

By the time you read this he should have had the first jab. OTL was crying as we were walking along the beach, the vet must have told him how much the injections are going to cost!

Never mind OTL, look on the bright side, it's a super sunrise, we are still here and not washed away!

It's a Good Day!
We did some investigation on the beach and you can see how the shells were all piled up against the sea wall.
A fresh turn over of shells!
 You know, even Miss Snowflake enjoyed a rummage around in the shells, she said it was a fresh new sniff after the tide had washed everything!

Mmmmm, Fresh Sniffs!
The rest of the day was spend snoozing, that was until OTL came crashing through the front door, sniffing of dustbin lorries, grabbed Mr B and headed off to the vet for his first injection, Mr B's injection, not OTL!

OTL said he was feeding Mr Brambles some of the Ferretone while Mr B got weighed, (same as yesterday) then got his temperature taken, Mr B not OTL and finally given an injection. All this was done while Mr B was slurping away on the Ferretone bottle.

Then he felt the injection go in and POW! He leaps up, does a double back flip with triple salchow and twist!


Of course, all he could see was the bottle of Ferretone, OTL and the vet had turned away as if there was nothing happening! Sneaky or wot!

A further four appointment were made and Mr B and OTL headed for home and us!

On the way he stopped and took some pictures of the sunset.

Looks Like Jurassic Park!
 Now here is and attempt to 'Frame the picture............sorry OTL, didn't work!

Nice try but..........
 We did like this one 'cos it shows the sea wall doing its job holding back the tide, well done that Wall!

The Sea Wall.
 Back home we all welcomed Mr Brambles back and gave OTL a lick on the nose, then told him to go and have a shower 'cos he honks!

It won't be long before dinner is served so with a bit of luck we'll get some good muggins tonight!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake (Tummy looks OK still) and Mr Brambles.


  1. Well I'm very glad you're all there :) Sorry to hear about Mr Brambles and his bottom probs, I bet he don't like having his temperature taken, Archie is full of sympathy with him there. I see Mr B is trying to best Archie's record for how many visits he can do in a week. I hope he gets better soon though, it's not nice having sharp things stuck in you. Poor OTL, he'll be skint for Xmas, that might mean that some of you's don't get new bones or biscuits, good job the new coats arrived before Mr B got the squits. Lovely pictures today, glad Snowflake liked the fresh sniffs. You know what, if Mr B had done those summersaults at the show last week, he would definitely have got a 1st medal. Happy muggings tonight girlies, leave some for OTL and stay safe tonight :) xxxx

  2. Poor Mr B, get well soon so OTL has some money for Christmas.
    Great shots today, still think that Snowflake one is the best and glad you all stayed dry. XXX

  3. Poor Mr Brambles, get well soon and sorry about the injections and thermometer not nice at all, even the extra Ferretone doesn't really compensate. The high tide has been terrible my friend went to the Christmas Show on Cromer Pier on Tuesday, it's now shut due to flood damage. Glad you were all dry and good the new coats have already arrived, there may be some Doggie Scoff for you all, including OTL for a few days! Take care of each other. xxxx

  4. I fear that the green poo might be a present from Mr B's son. Hopefully the antibiotics will prevent anything more serious.