Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunday, Sunshine and More Fun!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here!

We love Sunday's, we always have an extra half an hour in bed and it is so good to wake up to the roaring howl of The Missus pushing her powered carpet sweeper around the house waking the whole street up!

Snowflake was OK, she just put her paws over her ears and went back to sleep!

She had a super game with Old Two Legs, he was jiggling the Cat Tease and Snowflake was jumping up and down and rolling over onto her back chasing it all around the office!

Then after all that she settled down on OTL's lap, had a slurp of Ferretone and curled up into a Ferret Doughnut and allowed OTL to stroke her head and cheeks!

Now that is a big first for her and OTL!

We went out for our walk after OTL had cleaned up Snowflakes house. We met up with Ella, a big Staffy who was carrying her ball. Now, Staffy's get a fixation about balls and sticks and stuff like that, so, when OTL asked for the ball all she would say was.....

oof off!
Well, that told OTL!

We also saw the Magpie family trying to decide where to go today? In the end they headed off to the marshes for an early morning poke around!

OK, Where are we going today?
Back home we had a real treat, as it is Sunday we are allowed a 'Treat' and we both chose the big Chicken and Rice chew.

Holly sat down and started chewing like mad, she hadn't had one of those for over a week!

I decided not to eat mine straight away and dashed up stairs to hide it under my Day Bed blanket!

About lunch time Martin and Thomas turned up to take TM away for a week of baby sitting. Now this means that OTL will be doing the cooking and Holly was saying that it may be a good idea to stick to Doggy Scoff this week until TM comes back!

Mine you, I can see us tonight, sitting on the sofa with a half chewed carrot, a pack of nibbles, some pop corn and some Shortbread.

OTL says that he is going to open a new bottle of Malt Whisky and  together with the Shortbread, a bar of Fruit & Nut he reckons we should have a good night!

After saying 'Bye Bye' to TM we went down to the Sea Wall and came across a very muddy Alsatian who looked a real mess! He was covered from nose to tail in good old Medway Mud!

He even had a muzzle on so he couldn't get into trouble with other dogs but he he was due a real hose down when he gets home!

Deep Poo!
It was great walking in the sunshine and although the wind had got up and it was chilly, it still made a change to have the sunshine on our backs!

All that was disturbed by a Hooligan on a tractor roaring around picking up rubbish!

Hell's Angel in a Yellow Hat!
 OTL tells us that the Skyfall DVD he ordered is now in the post and should arrive tomorrow. That means we can get the popcorn out tomorrow and then Holly wants to watch Lord of The Rings and if we have time before the week is out, we will watch the Harry Potter series as well!

Hey, this is going to be a fun week!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (Off to watch Game of Thrones!)