Thursday, 11 April 2013

Poor Holly :-(

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here!

Today has not been a sunny as we would have liked, in fact we have not seen the sun at all! We thought the weatherman said it was going to get all 'Hot & Sunny' instead of grey and cold!

Out walking this morning, Old Two Legs spotted something not right with Holly and telephoned the vet to make an appointment. There was an appointment available for tomorrow morning or this afternoon but after OTL had a 'chat' we managed an appointment for one hours time!

He can be so persuasive sometimes!

Well the result was, antibiotics, some stuff to bung her up and a vet bill that made OTL cry!

Back home she got all the 'treatment' and the 'cuddles' and even got my place on the sofa to have a snooze!

She said she didn't feel like anything to eat, again, which really is not our Holly, but, no, I couldn't eat it for her!

So that's about it today, OTL has been running around like a blue tailed fly and he has been trying to get the vinyl sign writing off the little car but it has been on there for eight years and seems to have put down roots. He has been using a jet washer to blast the stuff off but it is very slow and he is getting soaking wet!

Any one got any suggestions? He has even sprayed WD40 onto it and will try the jet wash again tomorrow!

So, no pictures for you today and Snowflake is in the naughty corner as well.

She was in OTL's drawer, sorting out the stuff and when OTL put his hand in there to get something out, she sunk her fangs into his hand, by mistake, but it still made OTL jump, and bleed!

Things will get better tomorrow and so will Holly and so will OTL's hand and so will the little car.

I'm OK, it's the rest of them!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly (Sore Butt) & Snowflake (From the naughty corner)