Friday, 3 May 2013

Our Pond!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here again.

We have been reading 'The Mail' and see that a visitation is being planned by Archie's Mum! Yes, she is coming down for one of The Missus's 'Card Thingy Wossits'! That means we will have to be on good behaviour (not easy), and that includes Snowflake as well!

Will we get to meet Archie?

This morning we got into trouble, again, as normal, 'cos we rushed off to chase the rabbis again while Old Two Legs was walking with Snowflake, in the opposite direction!

Well, it is so boring going so slow!

Back home OTL got out the Camcorder again to try to get a shot of a bug that he has seen in the pond. As you can guess, the bug stayed hidden and OTL got side tracked into watching Water Boatmen and Giant Pond Snails! You know, those pond snails can really get a move on when they put their mind to it!

So, there he is, trying to look all 'Professional' like his hero Gordon Buchanan but the bug stayed hidden and OTL got all aching and creaky in his knees, well he is an 'Old Duffer'!

Have a look

Back up in the office, Snowflake was doing her 'Drawer Tidying' bit and emptied everything into the back of the drawer cavity!

Then she went off exploring again and manged to fall off the desktop, into a box of paper wrapping, then the box fell off the box it was standing on and two boxes and a ferret went crashing to the floor!

She decided to have a rest!

It's Hard Work being a Ferret!
Mind you, it did give OTL a chance to take what he calls a 'Fully Automatic' shot. It involves setting the camera to 'Automatic Everything' Aperture, Speed, ISO, Focus and anything else that can be Auto. Then he puts the camera on the floor, points it towards Snowflake, guesses the zoom factor and presses the shutter release, some times it works and sometimes it doesn't, this time........?

I can do Cute!
A slurp of Ferretone and back to bed for Miss Snowflake!

We have a bird box on one of the fence panels in the garden and it has a door opening set for a wren but today we saw a  Red-tailed bumblebee fly into the box and stay there! So I suppose that's another thing he will be keeping an eye on, just in case the bumblebee sets up home there!

Lunch time came and we were off to The Sea Wall again and Holly found a super sniff that just had to be rolled in!

Life is GOOD!

I got into trouble, again! Well, there was OTL and Holly having a game on the beach, kicking an old football that had got washed up on the beach, and I got sort of, bored, if you know what I mean.

I'm getting Bored!

I sort of got the idea that the rabbits would be out again, and I just 'had' to have a look, and off I went, even though OTL was whistling and calling and jumping up and down!

OTL had come all the way from the beach and stand outside the bramble bushes calling me. When I decide that I was in just enough trouble to get away with a telling off, I came out.

You know what? I was put on the lead for the rest of the walk! Most unfair!

I'm in The Poo again!
Well, that was it,back home for a very enjoyable afternoon snooze on the bed. Holly joined me and fell asleep on OTL's pillow!

Not sure what is happening tomorrow, maybe an adventure, maybe Snowflake will be allowed in the caravan?

I'll let you know!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake