Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Ferrets Return!

Hi Ho Woofers!

It's Us Again!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

All back home again and sniffin' out any changes in the 'House Sniffs'!

Holly and I were out first thing checking the Sea Shore for new stuff an' sniffs. No rabbits this time but we were a bit late in getting out today!

OTL got hold of a couple of miniature Camcorders that are small enough to hang on our collars, so first thing I was selected to try out this 'Daisy Cam'!

..........are you Sure it Turned On?
Wot a load of rubbish!

Look! No Camera's on Meee!
OTL has got to do some work on mounting the thing properly 'cos hanging it from my collar, under my chin was a bad decision!

This needs Re Engineering!
 We spotted a Curlew out on the mud and told it to 'Stand Still' while I took it's picture!

This is my best side!
All you could see on the camera was my feet, my whiskers under my chin and a load of other stuff that we couldn't make sense of!

Better luck next time OTL!

After our walk it was straight off to collect Snowflake and Mr Brambles. We stayed in the car when we got there 'cos there was a couple of big ugly looking dogs down the other end of the garden and we didn't fancy discussing who had 'Rights' in the garden!

OTL went in and opened the cage door only to have both Mr Brambles and Snowflake jump into his arms for a cuddle and Snowflake even licked OTL on his chin to show how pleased she was to see him again!

Mr Brambles snuggled down and licked OTL's hand and asked if it was time to go yet!

Pretty soon Snowy Heights was dismantled and put in the back of the car, the ferrets were strapped into the back of the car and we were heading down the road towards home!

Once home, both ferrets went potty! They were jumping up and down all over the place Dooking or as OTL calls it 'Chuckling', you could definitely see that they were pleased to be back!

 Next OTL did the 'Kit Inspection' which involves us animals submitting to a close inspection of all of our body and legs and ears and tummy and tails and feet and teeth!

He does this every time we have been in 'Dangerous Places' such as were we are likely to pick up things like ticks or fleas and nasties like that!

It was when he was checking Mr Brambles that he spotted a lump with a scab on top!

After cleaning it he saw it was a lump with what looked like two puncture marks on top!

Even closer inspection found another small one!

That was it, not sure about what he was looking at, OTL telephoned the vet and in no time flat there we were outside the vets.

I stayed in the car well outside the vets 'cos there is no way I'm going in that place because of my 'Blue Coat Syndrome'!

Well, the result was this, 'No tick bite, no insect bite but it looks like a wart that he must have picked at or Snowflake might have nibbled at!

While he was there OTL got them to put on some anti flea stuff onto their shoulders, just in case.

That was it, all we had after that was OTL crying at the vets bill!

To compound it all, OTL stopped off at Tesco's to get us some chicken and treat the ferrets to a carton of Lactose Free milk which I'm sure they will absolutely love tomorrow morning!

So, we are off for a chicken dinner this evening!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly Snowflake and Mr Brambles (All together again!)