Sunday, 20 October 2013

Soaked, Again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

We had some fun this morning, Old Two Legs was up a bit late this morning, something about being tired!

He should go to bed earlier then!

We went out for our morning walk but when we got to the car park, down came the rain, in bucket loads! There was a fox wandering around in the rain looking for rabbits.

Well, we went potty, woofing and growling and it was so loud that he ran off!

After the rain stopped, we went out for a stroll, well the ferrets did.

Wot! No Beach?
We were waiting for our run along the Sea Wall and even Holly got bored waiting for the ferrets and sat down, saying, 'Tell me when they've finished!'

I'm Bored, Just tell me when it's finished!
 While the ferrets were ferreting and Holly was showing off, OTL was trying some Fungi shots with the little 'Point & Shoot' camera but he couldn't get the focusing right!

Plants are OK but the Fungi is out of focus!
 I was having fun 'Sniffin' the Sniffs' and sorting out the different sniffs, Ferrets, Foxes and Rabbits!

Jus' Sniffin' the Sniffs!
 Once the ferrets were back in their travelling cage in the car we were off for our stroll and you know what? The sun came out, just ahead of the next rain shower!

The Sun!
 Lucky for us, we were back in the car just before the rain started!

Back home to a Chicken Breakfast and a snooze on OTL's bed! Well, that was the dream, instead it was Doggy Scoff and another hungry day without food!

Holly says she is going to leave home soon and get lost so she ends up in the Doggy Home, at least, she says' she will get some real food!

Which way to get lost?
Lunch time we were down the Sea Wall and it was sunny, so I was up for a swim 'cos the tide was right in and there was just some gentle wave lapping the shore.

I found a bit of wood and OTL tossed it into the sea and in I went!

and I lost it!

OK Where is it?
 I had to turn around and do another search and at last I spotted it, grab it and back to shore!

Look! I Got It!
We had some fun in and out of the water while Holly sat and watched. She said it was too cold for swimming!

OTL found another fungi all on it's own so he tried some low level photography with a bit of 'Zoom' so that the fungi was in focus but all around it was a 'Soft Focus' that's what he calls Bokeh, sounds too technical for me!

Fungi and Bokeh!
Back home I got wrapped up in The Missus fleece and drifted off into a super snooze where I dreamt I was swimming across the Medway to Sheerness!

Scary or Wot!
Not sure what OTL has got for dinner tonight but I reckon Holly and I will be in serious 'Mugging' mode!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.