Wednesday, 27 November 2013

RU A Fuzzy or a Woofer?

Yo Ho Woofers!

It's the Fuzzy-Woofer Blog from Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Did you know that the 'Ferret People' quite often refer to their ferrets as 'Fuzzie's'?

No neither did I until this morning when Holly and I were surfing the 'Ferret Pages' on Google!

That was before Old Two Legs got up out of bed!

When he did finally get up we had to scarper 'cos he wanted the office for his morning exercise on the rowing machine. You know he makes such funny noises, grunting and puffing his way around the office! We had a look at the counter after he had gone for a shower and in the thirty five minutes he was plonking away he managed twelve hundred strokes and the 'Drag Setting is on number five!

So we reckon he is doing well 'cos he always ends up with sweat dripping off his nose! YUK!

When we went out for our walk it was all misty, in fact it was so bad we could hardly see Sheerness Docks!

Well, it's over there, somewhere!
We carried on our normal fun and games, having a dig and then playing 'Chase' up and down the beach. Mr Brambles tried to ambush us, again, and failed miserably, again!

Sneaky Sneaky Brambles Creepy!
We did notice that he was getting excited 'cos when a ferret gets excited the hair on its tail stands up. We have seen it on Snowflakes tail 'cos she looks like a bottle brush!

As Mr Brambles hair is growing back on his tail, when he gets excited it stands up but it looks like an exclamation mark!

You can see that on the previous photo.

OTL took another photo of his tail, a bit closer and you can see just how fluffy it is!

Looking at his 'War Wound' we can see hair growing back on the shaved area as well!

Looking Good Mr B!
 This next one shows the 'Exclamation Mark' better, even if he was moving too fast for the camera to focus properly!

Wot? It's a flying exclamation mark..........!
The ferrets enjoyed a dig in the sand but it took Snowflake a little while to get 'Warmed up' but once she was moving, she really got a 'Scamper' on and she was off over the rocks and away!

Catch me if you can!
All this happened just after a Bozo of a Greyhound came bounding down the hill thinking he could have some fun chasing the ferrets. No Way! They are our family and we always back each other up if Bozo's threaten us!
Woof Off Bozo! They're Our Ferrets!
Both Holly and I gave him the 'Warning Woof' and he ran back to his owner! You don't mess with us and think you can get away with it!

Just for a laugh, I tried the 'Rock Wall' and skipped through it with no problems but I will admit, my legs are a bit longer than a ferrets!

Easy! Easy! Easy!
Back home we had Chicken and Biscuits for breakfast which was better than the Doggy Scoff we got served yesterday. Neither Holly or I touched that stuff at all, another wasted tin, will she never learn!

We filled our tummies and headed for OTL's office where we asked for our beds to be put under the desk and then we spent the morning snoozing!

You can't beat a good snooze in the warm office especially when it's cold and damp outside!

Got it made or wot!
Lunchtime came and we both thought it a good idea to go for another wander along the Sea Wall.

OTL was watching us both and especially me, to make sure there was no 'Rolling in Sniffs' like wot I did the other day!

So I rate the walk as a bit 'Boring'!

This 'No Rolling' rule is really BORING!
We had a sniff here and we had a sniff there but they were all a bit like the weather, damp and grey and  misty!

He is still watching us!
 No matter what I said, he just didn't take his eye off me! I did say that I 'Promised' not to roll but you know what?

He didn't believe me!

I'm a good girl and I promise I won't roll in anything!
 Holly thought it was great fun for me to be 'In Trouble' and especially as I hadn't done anything yet!

If you believe that you'll believe anything!
Still, the car didn't sniff on the way home!

We did go into town to pick up some stuff for the office, pretty boring really!

Back home OTL was introducing the show cage to the ferrets again. Mr B still didn't get the idea, he dived into the corner poo pot and threw all the wood pellets out all over the place! Then he dug a hole into the blanket and cushion and disappeared underneath to try to dig his way out. Then, when OTL gave him and Snowflake a Ferret Treat, he crunched on it in the poo pot and then spent the next five minutes looking for the pieces!

Snowflake says that he is just dopey!

That Ferretone is Something Else!
So, not a very exciting day but at least I didn't get into trouble again, not that it wasn't for trying but OTL just didn't trust me on my own!

It was good to hear that Archie Babe managed to stay away from the vet yesterday. A day without a vet is always a good day! OTL says that he agrees with us but I think he was talking about the vets bill!

Snowflake is getting a little nervous about Saturday and the show but I must say that she is looking in really good condition. It's just claws crossed that the judge thinks so as well!

Not sure what's being cooked for muggins tonight, OTL was not happy yesterday, he had to have salad and roast potatoes, which to OTL is as bad as Doggy Scoff is to us!

He doesn't do Green Food and only likes potatoes when they are 'Chips'! He says that the only good meat is the stuff that once moo'd!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.