Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Day Wow!

Ho, Ho, Ho, Woofers!

Happy Christmas from Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

What a super day it has been today!

We were up early this morning to see what Santa had left for us!

The Ferrets said they would pretend to be asleep when Santa called but you know what? They fell asleep and missed him all together!

In their socks they found a packet each of 'Ferrets Bits' which is one of their favourite nibbles and next to that was a big package that Snowflake and Old Two Legs opened together!

Oh Wow! Just look at what we got Mr B!
 Mr Brambles was more interested in his stomach, as normal, so he looked after the nibbles while Snowflake organised OTL to put up the hammock!

This is just Brilliant!

You know what? It was a super big soft Hammock that stretches right across the cage and is big enough for both of them!

Next Holly and I were off downstairs to see what was in our socks! Holly and I insisted that OTL help us to open the big presents first, even though the small ones had a better sniff to them!

Come on OTL, get it open quick!
You know what? Holly and I got a new jacket each and it is going to be for cold days 'cos it is fleece lined! We were planning to wear it today but just look at the weather, sun shine and balmy breezes!

So you are going to have to wait until the cold weather arrives before we let you see us in our Flying Jackets!

Next we let OTL help us open the small presents that we had a very good idea what was inside! Yes! Rawhide Chews! Our Favourite! 

Come On Let me Help, Quick!
Holly got the first one 'cos she is a bully and off she went to her cushion so set about chewing! Normally we are banned to the office with our Rawhide Chews 'cos they make a bit of a mess on the dark carpet but as it was Christmas, we were allowed downstairs with them, as long as we stayed on the cushion!

This a Happy Christmas!
 We all went out for a walk along the Sea Wall and the sun was still getting up! Snowflake and Mr Brambles had fun digging holes while Holly and me raced up and down the beach!

Christmas Morning on The Beach!
 We were having fun on the beach and Mr Brambles was having a great time, at one point he came rushing down the beach and planted a big kiss on Snowflake, just when she wasn't expecting it!

A Christmas Kiss with no Mistletoe!
 Back home we had a super big breakfast and OTL and The Missus were eating healthily, there was a big fry up with bacon and sausages and fried bread and fried eggs and mushrooms and to drink they had orange juice mixed with champagne! OTL said it was called a Bucks Fizz!

We all had a good feed then OTL & TM opened their presents and we all had fun playing with them!

Lunchtime it was still too warm to wear our jackets but the ground was very wet and muddy!

A Little Damp?
 When Holly found a dry spot she stopped and basked in the sun for a few seconds and announced that 'This Is A Good Christmas'!

This is a Happy Christmas!
 All we need is for OTL to stop making such a noise when he blows his nose and it will be a Peaceful Christmas as well!

We are now off to see what we can mug from Christmas Dinner!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!