Saturday, 11 January 2014

A Day with OTL.

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Today The Missus was out early 'cos she is running one of her 'Master Classes' so we had to get up early as well. On account of the noise she makes moving all those boxes about!

Old Two Legs was up early as well 'cos he expected to have the job of taking TM and the boxes up to the village hall but in the end TM decided to take to car herself and get up there even earlier!

That means we get to go walkies in the big car, more comfort and a heated seat as well!

Not that it would interest the ferrets 'cos they have to sit on the back seat!

Down on the beach both ferrets had fun digging holes and Miss Snowflake needed a cuddle to get her going!

Some things never change!

Do I have to do this?
 Holly was more interested in the Brent Geese just off shore, she kept mumbling something about 'Tasting like Chicken'!

Then she spotted her shadow and claimed she had grown four feet over night!

Look how tall I am!
Back home and OTL was busy so we all crashed out until lunch time when OTL had finally cleared up all his mess we headed off to the beach again.

This time OTL took his Infrared Thingy and started to get all 'Artistic'! His first was a picture of Holly waddling down the path!

I Don't Waddle!
 OTL spotted Mr Corvid on the end of the breakwater and we all called out that he should flap his wings but he said he was too tired!

You flap your tails!
 Looking across to Sheerness we spotted what Holly says was a Comet but OTL reckons it's a jet plane.

I think I would prefer it to be a Comet!

Spot the comet!
 Now, how about this, it was a wood burning stove inside a workshop and OTL said that the smoke and the leaves made it look all Wintry!

Winter Wonderland?
 So, now we are waiting for TM to come home, OTL has been around with the feather duster and has vacuumed up the bits on the carpet!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. You make no mention of being fed, is this because you had some wondrous OTL cooking and did not want TM to read about it ........ or ........ was it simply that you did not get fed? Poor little things, this is taking diet to the extreme. Hollys' shadow is four feet tall and only half as wide as she really is so this must be her best side. Lots of walks and digging done today, lovely weather for it, looks like the five of you enjoyed themselves. I bet TM enjoyed her Master Class, I shall be looking for her report later. OTL dusting and vacuuming, what has he done wrong today? xxxx

  2. You've had a lovely day by the sounds of it. Beautiful pictures. I hope OTL was able to do you and nice breakfast while TM was away with her glue pot. What a good chap that OTL is, dusting and hovering, I think he deserves a nice bacon and egg brekkie cooked for him tomorrow :) xxx

  3. Oi Holly that's just an illusion, you still have to loose a bit of weight like me. XXX