Friday, 31 January 2014

More Developments from Snowy Heights!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake, Twinkle and Mr Brambles here again!

First of all, I think it was a bit much that the vet made Old Two Legs cry but as OTL says, 'They're in the game to make money' and OTL was thinking of the ferrets well being first. Mind you, OTL has a long memory and if the vet ever wanted to by some radio communication equipment.................?

Enough of controversy, there is more exciting things to tell you!

OTL rolled out of bed a bit late this morning and staggered into the office for him morning paddle, sat down on the rowing machine and started to paddle. Three and a quarter minutes later he had to give it up 'cos both Holly and I ran in and gave him our 'Good Morning Lick' on his nose. Then Both Mr Brambles and Miss Snowflake started to rattle on the cage door, and, on top of that, Miss Twinkle was up and rattling her cage door as well!

Holly and I dived off down stairs to see what The Missus was doing while OTL decided what to do.

What he did was, firstly, he let Mr Brambles and Miss Snowflake out onto the floor. Then he got the 'Adventure playground out and spread it over the floor.

Then he got Miss Twinkle out of her cage and put her on the floor!

Well, it was some fast moving ferrets ducking and diving in and out of the boxes and loads of sniffing going on. Miss Twinkle snapped at Miss Snowflake, no harm done, Mr Brambles climbed onto Miss Twinkles back in a show of pseudo sexual dominance! I say pseudo 'cos his nick name is Mr No Nuts!

Miss Twinkle got the message 'cos she let go with a very strong sniff that OTL said sniffed something like a strong urine. There was no poo on the floor and the boxes had a very small puddle of wee on them. OTL wasn't too sure about that but thinks it could have been a ferret signal that said 'I'm not in season, I'm a bit scared and Keep yer Nose Away!'

After that, there was loads of running, hiding, sniffing, licking Ferretone bottle cap and running to OTL for a cuddle. (Miss Snowflake mainly!)

OTL got most of this on video and if he can get it edited today we will attach it to the blog about now!

Miss Twinkle was put back in her cage while us and the ferrets went out for our morning walk. The ferrets were tickled to be out again and Miss Snowflake even fell into a puddle that was deeper than she thought it was!

Back home and OTL put them all together again and things settled down for 'Morning Snooze' until we went out again for our lunch time stroll.

OTL took a picture of them snoozing but we did notice that they don't cuddle up yet. Miss Snowflake has decided to sleep on the hammock, Mr B is in his place on the cushion and Twinkle is underneath the cushion!

In time they will sort it all out!

Now, OTL is trying to load up a video, so, while you are waiting, here is a photo we took earlier!

In Time, Maybe!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake, Twinkle and Mr Brambles


  1. They all look so cute snuggled in the cage. Your OTL is a very kind OTL. I'm looking forward to the video. Daisy, what was TM doing when you and Holly went down stairs? You forgot to say, I'm hoping that she was busy cooking you a lovely brekkie. Hope you all have a lovely evening and a few little muggings maybe. I'll pop back later and see the video if it's on. Archie will be watching with me :) xxxxx

  2. OOOH things seem to have moved on very quickly in Snowy Heights, at least the three of them are spending some time together...although Mr B looks as if he's 'copped a nark' and turned his back on the two lovely ladies. You girlies seem to be very patient about having to share OTL with another fuzzie, that's very unselfish of you, poor OTL is having to reorganise the morning schedule and work out how to keep three ferrets occupied. Hope you are enjoying some good brekkies while this is going on. My Missus watched that program about Dog Food and she said it was so yucky ... you wouldn't believe it... some dogs were vegans because their OTLs were vegans imagine that more chicken or hearts. I'd leave home and run down to Kent ...if my TM got any fancy ideas...believe there's a nice little rest home there called Godwin Mansions .... :) well I'm off then My TM will come back and see if the video has worked, see you tomorrow xx Jasper & his TM xxx

  3. Daisy, can I have a word with you, when you type this can we please have the introductions in the right order. Its Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles and Miss Twinkle, that's the order they arrived in Allhallows, I think Miss Twinkle is trying a bit of one upwomanship.
    Great blog today and a lovely one of the gang all asleep. XXX

  4. Your blog wasn't listed on my Blogger Dashboard so I would have missed it had Michael not found it. All your comments noted about the vet, we wait, also we wait to see what happens with Miss Twinkle, I suppose you have checked to see if Snowflakes' previous owner has mislaid any more! What was TM doing when you rushed down there, this is getting like "The Archers" an "Everyday story of All Hallows Folk", turn in tomorrow at 6-45 pm. Waiting with the rest of the world for the video, OTL had better get it working or there will be an international incident. xxxx x

  5. Gosh I cant believe that they are sleeping together already. How amazing. And Miss T having the confidence to rattle her cage door and demand to come out to play. It sounds like there will be cuddles very soon x

  6. Loved the video. OTL certainly has his work cut out with those 3 ferrets, especially Mr Brambles the water bowl kicker. Perhaps OTL should just pour the water on the floor, but then it would spoil Mr Brambles fun. xxxxx

  7. Loved the video too, they really are gorgeous so full of mischief, Miss Twinkle has definitely found her feet she looks in very good condition. Mr B really can move that heavy water bowl about!! x