Friday, 17 January 2014

OTL's Birthday

Hi Woofers!

Sorry we missed yesterdays blog but we were out all day celebrating OTL's birthday!

Snowflake and Mr Brambles decided to stay at home and act as guards while Holly and I acted as 'Close Protection Guards' and made sure OTL didn't get into trouble!

We went down to see Alun & Glynis and spent a very enjoyable day listening to them telling old war stories!

we were left on our own while they went out for a meal but when they came back, The Missus had a 'Doggy Bag' with her which had some sirloin steak and some fillet steak inside!

Wow! We were 'Nose Down, Tail Up' until that lot had gone!

OTL says that the restaurant must have put some extra in the bag 'cos there wasn't that amount left on their plates!

We didn't get home until late and as soon as we got in we all fell into bed and were asleep in no time!

We are off to the 'Parlour' this morning so we'll be back later today with more tales!

See you soon!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. I'm so glad you had a good day, I was a tad worried you were too weak to type. Glad TM & OTL had a good time too. The contents of that doggy bag sounds like it was your birthday too. Did you give OTL extra licks yesterday morning? Can't wait to hear about your beauty treatments, (not that you two need them) hope OTL takes some photos. Did Mr B and Miss S do good guarding? Looking forward to hearing more later today. :) xxx

  2. I really worried Daisy that you had got yourself drunk on OTL's whiskey, even at midnight you had not posted. Worry over you are all OK and had a wonderful day out visiting and even had a very Grand Doggy Bag, the restaurant must have donated a bit extra, someone told them how underfed you both are!!! Looking forward to hearing and seeing about your beauty spa today, the sun has arrived here so maybe it's going to be a good weather day after all. xxxx

  3. Glad you all had a good day and were able to type this morning. Good news on the steak, glad you enjoyed it.Looking forward to some photos OTL took yesterday. xxx

  4. Hey Woofers & Fuzzies ... Missed you yesterday, Happy Birthday OTL, glad you had a good time, what about that Doggybag, girlies ...that'll build up your strength. Enjoy your beauty treatments hope to see you looking fine and dandy later xx Jasper