Sunday, 19 January 2014

Silly Sunday!

Hello Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

You know what? Old Two Legs didn't set the alarm last night and were it not for our impeccable timing, he would have over slept this morning!

Just to make sure, we woke him at four with a couple of ear licks, just to get him going!

It was a bit soggy on the walk this morning and both Snowflake and Mr Brambles had a jog along the beach in the morning sun, which was rather warm for a change.

Early Morning Sunshine!
 After a jog they settled down to doing some digging, just to help shape the beach again!

This is so much better than sitting in the cage!
Mr Brambles got going with a couple of holes while Holly and I played a game of 'You Go First'!

I can hear you fidgeting!
In the end we gave up 'cos OTL kept calling us to play with the ferrets!

Honest, I'm quite alright playing on my own!
The rock wall was fun for the ferrets as they scampered between the boulders!

Outta Me Way Slow Coach!
 Mr Brambles kept on getting in our way every time we stopped for a sniff, he would come charging up, shove his nose in and say 'Wotcha Got Girls?'

This is getting just Too Much!
I decided to have a word with him about the etiquette of sharing a sniff and how he ought to clear off and leave us doggies to sniff on our own!

It was then that he showed us his teeth and said.........

Yeah? You and who's army!
It was then that OTL stepped in and told us both to behave or we'll both be in trouble!

I will admit to hanging back a bit to investigate a particularly good sniff which ended up with me having a little roll and OTL banning me to the back of the car and when we got home I got called a 'Smelly Nelly' and washed in Doggy Shampoo and a big bowl of warm water and I got washed from my nose to the tip of my tail!

Mind you, the lambs heart tasted good so I didn't mind the wash really, it was loosing the super sniff that I showed off about, I spent a long time getting it spread all over my back!

 I was wondering if I should have shown the sniff to Mr Brambles and got him to have a roll!

The afternoon walk was fun, the fishermen were out and the tide was in but no one seemed to be catching anything at all and there were no sandwiches to be had either!

Holly was not pleased!

No Sandwiches, No Fish!
 All day today OTL has been playing on his computer, which is boring at the best of times but he has promised to have a game tonight with some of the ferrets squeaky toys!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. What a shame OTL wouldn't let you keep your sniff a little bit longer, I wonder does he realise the work that goes into evenly spreading the sniff over your back? Maybe if you don't wake him up so early he might let you hang on to it a bit longer. I agree, you should have shown it and shared it with Mr B. I suppose goody 2 paws Holly didn't have a good roll in it. Snowflake looks like she had a good time on the morning walk. The pictures are lovely again today, you've got a very clever OTL. I think that fishermen are meanies, they never seem to have a sandwich to share. Glad you had your lambs hearts today. Enjoy your game with OTL tonight :) xxxx

  2. I see you have the right idea now Daisy, have a role, get a wash and get some nice food. Well done that girl, you are learning fast. Smashing pictures especially the "early morning sunshine". XXX

  3. That first picture is superb, looks like very early in the morning, I don't do that early unless there is a very good reason. More rolling in sniffs, perhaps you could bottle the scent and get TM to sell it on E bay "For the discerning doggies". Even a ferret one would do well, then you would not need to keep having washes. Lambs heart was lovely so I think that OTL wasn't that cross with you really. OTL took some lovely pictures again, the fishermen with the sky is a favourite. How is OTL doing with his new Kindle thingy and photography book, is he becoming a real swat? Hope you enjoyed your squeaky toy game and found a few nibbles. xxxx