Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Snowflake gets a Present!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

This morning was still as cold but the sun was out and that always makes us feel better. Old Two Legs had brought the Ferret Bag and Miss Snowflake & Mr Brambles were playing games inside the bag!

First they did the 'Are We There Yet?' Then there was the 'High Speed Eye Spy' game.

Then we heard a lot of giggling and it seems that after OTL had cut their claws yesterday, every time they stand on each other, it tickles, hence the giggling!

No, Don't, It Tickles!
As we were walking down the path to the beach young Arthur came tearing up to us looking for a game. He was so excited to see us that we sometimes wonder if he is allowed to mix with other dogs!

Of course, he loves OTL and is always running up for and ear tickle before chasing us again!

Don't mind if I 'Mark' this spot?
Down on the beach, Miss Snowflake headed down to the water and stopped, the waves were a lot bigger than yesterday and the water looked a bit colder!

She stood there for a moment or two then turned around and headed back to OTL!

Maybe not today!
 She ran up to his leg and in a flash was sitting on his lap! She is a ferret who knows where the warm places are and OTL's jacket pocket is one of them!

Here I come for a cuddle!
OTL told her she needs to take some exercise and put her back on the ground again, she wasn't too happy about that!

Mr Brambles was playing a game with Holly, what he'd do is to run from one patch of sea weed to another trying to hide from Holly. Every time he got behind a new lump he'd ask, 'Can You See Me?'

Holly looking a bit bored would answer 'Yes, I can still see you!' It didn't stop him from running to the next lump and asking 'Can You See Me?'

How about now, 'Can You See Me?'
Holly reckons there is an ulterior motive behind all the Hiding stuff. She reckons he is looking for a way to creep up on us and bite our tails without being seen!

That is one Potty Ferret!
When Holly got fed up with that game and wandered off looking for sniffs, Mr B came up to me and said he could sniff something on the wind and it was in the rocks somewhere.

Now, you know me, anything for a sniff!

The pair of us were up and down the rocks sniffing and looking but couldn't find the sniff at all, but I will admit, there was something in the air but we just couldn't pin it down!

It's got to be here somewhere!
Mind you, it's good to see that Mr B has stopped chasing us and started chasing sniffs instead, well, most of the time anyway!

Back home to a chicken breakfast and an 'After Meal Chew' that OTL says cleans out teeth, The Missus calls it our 'Pudding'!

Back up to OTL's office and we discover that there are two new balls in the ferrets toy box and they both squeak. Now one of the balls not only squeaks when you smack it with your paw but it squeaks as it is 'Breathing In' after being smacked!

Now this is great, especially as they are different sounding squeaks, the first is high and the second is lower. This drives Snowflake potty and she chases this around all over the office!

Every time she jumps on it there comes the 'Double Squeak' which drives her even more potty!

Of course, when they are back in their cage for feeding and snoozing, we have great fun smacking the ball and that has Snowflake rattling the cage door to join in the fun!

I think she is tickled pink with this new toy!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. What a lovely day with lovely scoff and pictures as well. That little dog looks a little like Archie. Fancy them ferrets tickling each other in the bag, that must have made it a bit difficult for OTL to carry with them squirming inside. That water does look cold, sensible Snowflake for not going in. Mr Brambles loves his bit of fun with you girls. Those new balls sound good. It's good of Mr Brambles to try to help you find sniffs. So are you allowed to use OTL's new keyboard? Archie and I are hoping for an engineer to call tomorrow evening to look at our broken boiler and agree it's broken (it's a man thing). Then hopefully he'll come and fit us a new one soon so that we can be all nice and snug again. Have a lovely evening all :) xxxx

  2. I see you had some nice sunshine down by the sea, it was not so good up here. Glad the ferrets love there bag and I see OTL has got used to the bag, two Ferrets and two Puppies as well as a camera, not sure how he does that all on his own. Still great pictures and a good story Daisy. XXXX

  3. OTL has really mastered his little charges today and I love the pictures especially of you and Mr Brambles. I am glad that Snowflake didn't venture into that cold water this morning it would have put her off the wet stuff for ever. Happy to read about Chicken Breakfast, that's the ticket TM with a carrot for pudding. Pleased to meet Arthur, you have so many friends and they all love OTL, that's nice. I have been card making this evening but no glitter and no glue until next time, pleased with it so far a little mouse with some strawberries. The new balls sound exciting, make sure you don't sit on them too hard or you will be loosing a good chicken dinner to fund replacing them. xxxx