Monday, 13 January 2014

Sun Shine and we stay out of the Poo!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

What a super day it has been!

We were out good and early and the sun was still all Golden Glow and that certainly sets off Mr Brambles coat!

I'm afraid it doesn't do much for Snowflake but she does get a funny 'Back Lit' glow around her fur!

Mind you it doesn't do much for her temper, she still is grumpy about getting up too early!

I Just Don't Do Mornings!
Mr Brambles was in a very good mood, he had slurped down a good bowl full of Lactose Free Milk and was in fine form. His little legs were going like the clappers digging holes everywhere!

I Just LOVE Hole Digging!
OTL told him to 'Stand Still' so he could take a picture of him and his Golden Coat, but that was a waste of time 'cos as soon as he stood still, he was off again digging another hole!

OK? Done? Another hole please!
Walking back Old Two Legs was keeping a close eye on Holly and me, he said he didn't want another case of 'Smelly Nelly's' in the car!

Snowflake and Mr B said that they wouldn't dream of rolling in a sniff 'cos that was disgusting!

I wouldn't roll in it either!
Back home and OTL was busy with paperwork and computer stuff so we crashed out after a good bowl of chicken. It sure makes a change from Doggy Scoff!

Holly was a bit of a bully and tried to eat my breakfast, so I went up stairs to tell OTL what she was doing!

Down he came and shoved Holly out of the kitchen so I could enjoy my breakfast on my own!

Holly was not a 'Happy Puppy' 'cos she gets all 'Bossy' when she is on a diet and always tries to pinch my food!

OTL and The Missus keep an eye on what she is doing and nowadays she doesn't get away with it!

Mind you, it doesn't stop her trying!

Lunch time we were out again and OTL had brought his Camera with the Infrared Thingy and took some pictures, this time he has taken the Infrared photo and converted it to Monochrome, (Blake & White) but it still retains the colours of the infrared reflection off the grass and stuff.

Well, it keeps him happy and out of trouble!

Sis and me in Monochrome Infrared!
 I was looking out to sea at some Wormy Men digging and OTL called out 'Wassat?' which made me turn around and he went 'Click' with the camera!

This is NOT My Best Side!
 While Holly and I were enjoying a sniff, OTL took this one of the Sheppy Bridge in the distance. The sun was shining and I think that is the secret of Infrared Pictures, 'Loads Of Sunlight!'

Sheppy Bridge
TM is out tonight at some local crop in Medway, well, it will keep her out of trouble and give OTL a chance to watch a DVD or fall asleep!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. What a lovely day and lovely pictures. The sun sure does make Mr B look all golden. Snowflake does look grumpy. So glad you got a decent breakfast at last. That little porkie Holly needs to keep away from yours. I'm glad OTL shut her out so you could enjoy yours in peace. I bet when TM goes out there will be a few titbits around for you to mug. Have a good evening all. :) xxxx

  2. TM has now been out Crafting three days in a row, is she going for some sort of record? Great shots of your sunny little friends today not sure about your "unbest" side though. Chicken today, lovely no wonder Holly is trying to pinch some of yours, glad to see that your minders are keeping watchful eyes on yours. Hope you found some nice little muggings this evening, did you give Archie his carrot or did you manage to eat it for him? You must do a Consumer Test! Don't want Archie eating something you would not eat yourself, pity TM doesn't take that attitude. xxxx

  3. Poor Holly, never mind next tine I see you I will get you a carrot all for yourself. XX