Saturday, 18 January 2014

TM's off and away with the Glue Pot!

Hi Woofers!

It's Saturday, so we're back again!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Holly and I played a good game on Old Two Legs this morning, we both gave his ear a good licking and pretended it was time to get up. You know he got up out of bed and half way to the bathroom before he looked at the clock and discovered it was only three thirty!

A bit later, when it was time to get up, he said he deserved an extra hour in bed 'cos we had played the trick on him! The Missus soon sorted him out, she was marching up and down the stairs, dragging boxes and pots and machines and drawing implements and loads of other card making stuff.

She made so much noise that no one had any chance of snoozing, so OTL got up and paddled around the office for half an hour, just to show off!

So, that was it, load up the car with all T's junk, sorry, card stuff and then take her up the village hall for her day of 'Glue & Glitter'!

Down on the beach, Mr Brambles went into 'Engineering Mode' and said he was going to 'Landscape the beach'

Pile it High!
 Snowflake has been telling stories of when she was a 'Working Ferret' and would chase rabbits out of the warrens and how she was the very best at sneaking up on rabbits without being seen!

On the way back to the car she gave a demonstration of 'Sneaking'!

Snowflake, Sneaking up on me!
 I had a go after her demonstration and she said that I was good, but I was making too much noise with my feet and I was breathing too heavily! Just like TM when she is asleep!

Me, Sneaking up on her!
 Just to finish off the lesson, she showed how is was done on Mr Brambles who really didn't want to be 'Sneaked Up On' 'cos he was enjoying a good sniff!

No time for sniffs, Snowflakes is in Sneaking Mode'!
Back home we crashed out and had a snooze while OTL was playing with his new Kindle, (a birthday present from TM) and he has now got the email working, ordered up a case for it and downloaded a photography book so he can learn how to take photographs!

Some Hope!

Down on the beach at lunch time was a trifle drafty and on top of that, damp, a nasty drizzle and of course OTL had forgotten our coats!

Do I look like I'm having fun?
 Holly wasn't too impressed either, too many puddles for our girls liking!

How long before Summer gets here?
 I don't suppose that the fact it was High Tide and the beach was covered in water and there was nowhere to run except in the muddy grass and puddles!

A Large Vertical Puddle that's Mobile!

 Holly and I have left OTL playing on his Kindle thingy and we're off to sit at the window and see who is first to spot TM coming down the path!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. Oh you 2 are cheeky, fancy playing tricks on OTL. I agree that TM isn't the quietest person on the planet. It looks like you all had fun down on the beach this morning, what with landscaping and sneaking. Lunch time does look a bit damp, yuk, glad I wasn't walking thru all those puddles, so is Archie, we try and keep to the dry bits. I think it's probably a case of hear TM before you see her ;)
    Hope you get some good muggings tonight. I think OTL could probably write a book on taking good photos himself, looking at what he produces. :) xxxx

  2. Poor OTL and him being a year older as well. You give a good description of TM getting ready for Glue and Glitter, perhaps you could write a book, get it published and then OTL could download it on his Kindle and you would earn Royalties to buy yourself a treat. Good idea?? I have a Kindle but not one so sophisticated as OTLs as mine is only for reading. I did warn you of water about today and if you go out at high tide you get more water, when I went out it was a bit windy and cold so I hope you were OK without your coats, what is that OTL like? Hope TM had a good day today, I expect we will have the privilege of seeing some more creations later. Waiting to see if OTL finds something in his new book, was it about the infrared thingy, I wonder! xxxx