Friday, 17 January 2014

Who's a Pretty Puppy?

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

What a run around day we had. First thing this morning we rolled over and went back to sleep again!

Well, after such a busy day we deserved an extra half an hour in bed!

Old Two Legs got up at the normal time and spent half an hour thrashing around the office on the Mary Celeste!

Not a pretty sight!

We left the ferrets in bed and went off for a walk, OTL said it would be too wet for the ferrets but it was OK for us 'cos we were going straight down the parlour after our walk!

We started our walk and very soon it was obvious that we were about to get soaked!

Dark clouds and spots of rain, yep, it's going to be a wet one!

Here come the rain!
Just before it started to pour down we were treated to a vertical rainbow that turned into a 'Y' shaped rainbow!
There's the Rainbow and here comes the rain!
 We got back to the car and we were all soaked, including OTL!

Am I too wet for the parlour?
 Later when OTL picked us up, we were straight down to the Sea Wall again but this time OTL kept us off the muddy bits and we both managed to get home without tons of mud on our paws!

Holly looking Super Good!
 OTL insisted on taking our photo, so we kept turning our heads away every time he pressed the shutter release!

Me, Looking The Business!
Back home we were presented with a bowl of chicken, so not a too bad a day after all!

I've been watching the ferrets having a game in OTL's office and I managed to get up on the work top while they were running around on the floor. I felt quite safe, until Snowflake started to climb up the side of the cage!


See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. What a good day you've had. Beauty parlour and bowls of chicken ............ mind nothing less than you deserve. You both look beautiful. Archie's eyes are popping at the sight of 2 beautiful girls. Good job it rained before you went for your haircuts rather than after. Have a lovely evening girls and ferrets. :) xxx

  2. Hi Girlies and Mr B... well those people in the parlour are really clever, you went in all bedraggled after the rain and came out looking like superstars, all fluffy and curly ... wonder if they could do something for me??
    Love the photo of the rainbow it looked as if it touched the ground just on the beach, so that's where the pot of gold is!! Glad you had chicken today, Doggy Scoff would have been hard to take after that luxury doggy bag feast. Right I'd better get off sounds like coffee and biccies been made in the kitchen ... I heard the missus say she'd bought another box of shortbread this morning so I might be in luck xxx Jasper and his missus

  3. That was a lucky rainbow you found and then chicken after yesterdays steak dinner, hope your lucky streak lasts. You both look very smart after the beauty parlour and glad you had no muddy paws afterwards. Looks like rain again tomorrow so perhaps Snowflake and Mr Brambles had better stay in the dry. Mr B will not like that so you had better stay out of the way when he throws his water pot about and watch out for the poo pot, you don't want that! Maybe liver tomorrow, three in a row would be really magnificent! xxxx

  4. Dont you both look beautiful, what did you all buy OTL for his birthday? XXXX