Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A Bit of a Mix Up Day!

Hello Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

What a day! It started off as normal, I gave Old Two Legs a good licking at about three thirty this morning. Holly woofed to be lifted up onto the bed at four fifteen and The Missus got up early to play about on her 'Blog' thingy.

OTL stayed asleep, or pretended to!

He had his morning paddle around the office while Holly and I caught up with our sleep!

Well, all our 'Puppy Patrols' around the house, every hour or so, is SO exhausting! It really wears us out!

Off we went to the beach again and this time Miss Snowflake was all up for a trot around the beach, sniffin' the sniffs!

Jus' Sniffin' The Sniffs!
Mr Brambles was doing his own thing, at the bottom of a hole, as usual!

I just LOVE a good Hole!
Holly and I sniffed up and down the beach and at one point I thought I could sniff Ferret Wee. So, I called over to the ferrets asking if they had been weeing on the rocks!

You two been down here?
Miss Snowflake said that it was none of my business and Mr B said he had better things to do, like find a site for a new hole, so I never did find out who's wee it was!

Mind your own business Daisy Dog!
We got home to a lambs heart breakfast and headed up to the office for a snooze. Well, that was the plan, but we found OTL packing up his computer and some tools. he had a job to go to which was going to last for some time!

That was OK, but how are we going to get our lunch time stroll along the Sea Wall?

No Problem, TM said she would take us when we were ready and OTL said that I had to woof at her if I wanted to go out any earlier!

Me, woofing at TM?

We saw that OTL looked unhappy and he said that he had an appointment with the dentist. Now OTL doesn't like dentists, he says they are as bad or maybe even worse that vets!

Dentist do things to your teeth and they nearly always cause OTL pain, and then afterwards, they charge him money for doing it!

OTL was not a happy puppy!

Mid afternoon he was back home again but he was talking sort of funny like. Like he had a bone in his mouth and was trying to chew it and talk at the same time! OTL said it was because he had an injection to take away the pain and it had numbed his mouth and tongue, but the injection hurt almost as much as the dentist drill and on top of that, the injection didn't really get to work until he had left the dentist and was driving home!

Poor OTL, numb mouth, no money and an ache when the numbness went!

Looks like we will have to cuddle him tonight!

TM left us mid afternoon and headed off to a Master Class she was giving and one of the local Craft Shops, seems like the class was sold out fifteen minutes after it was announced on their web site!

We think she is getting famous or should that be infamous!

Soon it'll be five bob to talk to her!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles (Digger of Holes!)


  1. wow, a busy day then. Poor OTL I bet he will need all your cuddles tonight, he really is suffering, pain and payment. TM is very famous for her crafting but mainly infamous for feeding you and Holly doggie scoff. I'm glad you got a decent brekkie. Those ferrets are getting uppity, fancy telling you to mind your own business ........... pah ............. sniffs on the beach are your business. Love the pictures, hope TM didn't forget to take you for your walk. :) xxxx

  2. Poor OTL, I know how he feels, I hate Dentists as well. Did you get your afternoon walk I wonder?
    Yes TM is getting famous just like you four.
    Nice pictures again today, wish I had a furry friend to photograph every day. XXXX

  3. You could clean a bottle with Snowflakes tail as in the forth picture, wow that is fluffy. You had a good day with good food, good company and good snoozes but poor OTL had a bad day for mouth and wallet and I don't know which takes longer to heal his mouth or his wallet. It was lovely seeing you all yesterday and I just about forgive you Daisy for clearing off for a snooze as I understand how hectic your life is. Good for TM doing another Master Class she is getting very famous, I just love her work. Take care of poor OTL tonight, give him a little drop of whiskey and make sure you don't have any, you are far too young. xxxx