Friday, 7 February 2014

A Ferreting Friday!

Hi Ho Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Wot a Grotty start to a Friday, it was raining all the way down to the beach and both Holly and I didn't think the idea of walking in the rain again the best idea Old Two Legs has come up with today!

When we arrived in the car park the rain had just stopped, so it was full charge down the path, or shall I call it a Bog!

There was water everywhere, mud sloshing about at the bottom of the puddles and just as much water and mud off the path as well as on the path!

Down on the beach Mr Brambles went hunting the Monsters who keep pinching his holes, he reckons that they live under the sea weed or lurk beneath the rocks!

Come out, I know your here somewhere!
 Of course, the monsters stayed hidden and in the end Mr Brambles got fed up with hunting Monsters, so he went off to 'Hunt Some Dog'!

Mr Brambles 'Hunting Dog'!
 Lunch time we had to do some guard duty as OTL had to visit someone and of course as a thank you he took us to the Riverside Park!

Sunshine and the Riverside Park! We were almost beside ourselves! Holly found a wreck of a boat and asked if we could take it home with us and mend it but OTL said there wasn't enough room in the garden for it!

Pleeeeese, Can We Take It Home With Us?
 Next we came across a metal wreck and Holly said that wouldn't be as much fun as the wooden one!

No thanks, too heavy!
OTL has got a thing about this Infrared Photography and I must say that some of them are getting quite reasonable!

On a tripod with a little more attention to Hyperfocal focusing and it could be OK!
The power station across the river looked good, as far as a power station can look good this far away! And what a strange sky! The Missus doesn't like this one, so OTL put it in, just to give her something to moan about!

Well, OTL likes it!
The best one I think is the one where Holly and I are heading towards the end of the path which ends in a place called Horrid Hill! No, I don't know why nor do I know the story behind the name. I suppose we will have to ask Michael or Trevor who are into this sort of information!

Off to Horrid Hill!
When we got back home, we found the post man had been and delivered the Ferret Snuggle Bag Bed Thingy Wotsit that OTL had ordered for the ferrets!

It's like a hammock but with a pocket that they can crawl into and go to sleep. OTL had noticed that sometimes they crawl under a blanket and fall asleep all snug and warm.

So, from the same place he got the Ferret Bag, he ordered this Snuggle Bag Bed Thingy.

Snowflake just loves it and has been investigating it and trying it out for sleeping and also bouncing up and down on!

She has decided that it is 'The Dogs DooDars' and there is no way any dog is going to share it!

It is for her, and Mr Brambles, who hasn't seen it yet 'cos he hasn't woken up yet, he is still sleeping and dreaming of running. You can tell what he is dreaming about 'cos he is either sleeping on his back with all his legs doing the running action or he is eating 'cos we can see him moving his jaws!

This is Super, Thanks Daddy!
 Now I know you are dying to see the Ferret and the Egg video but you are going to have to wait 'cos remember the video will take a day and a half to up load to YouTube, so be a good two legs and wait until we tell you it's read!

Bye bye for now, we're off to watch the Winter Olympics 'cos Snowflake wants to learn how to ride a Snow Board!

Yeah! Right!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. What an interesting day. Loved all the photos but the ones with you, Holly, Snowflake & Mr Brambles are always favourite. That Mr B is a very brave little soul, fancy shouting at monsters that are hiding, he doesn't know how big they might be. Is OTL sure that wooden boat wouldn't fit in the garden? I mean now that all the trees out front have been taken down, surely you could fit a nice wooden boat in. I bet OTL is glad he has you and Holly to guard when he's doing important things. That snuggle bed looks good and cosy, do they do ones in Daisy & Holly sizes, I'm sure you'd both appreciate one. As for TM moaning ............. noooooooooo .......... I don't believe it, surely not, she doesn't moan she only crumbles biscuits ;). Have a lovely evening, I'm sure this rotten rain must go away soon, well we're all hoping it does anyways. Looking forward to watching the video when it's ready. xxxx

  2. What a beautiful picture of Snowflake. It's right up there with your 'I wanna go swimmim' picture which I thought would be unrivalled in the 'huge personality' class. What a treat your blog is Daisy x

  3. Ye gods, a taking Ferret, well I have seen it all now, she looks really cosy in the new snuggle bag thingy.
    Yes the infa red shots are getting better but keep it under your hat Daisy.

    Horrid Hill gets its name from a Chapel at the top of Sharps Green Lane it is shown on old maps. It is understood that the name came from the removal of bodies via the spithead to graves on Deadmans Island.

    Keep dry you lot as it is going to rain again tomorrow. XX

  4. The infra-red pictures look good, the skies and clouds are what I like most in them, they are beginning to grow on me, I don't like that the path looks like its edged with snow. That boat: I was going to suggest that with the trees removed from the front garden there is plenty of space for a little boat, not too high to shield the sun and TM could do a bit of crafting in it in the sunshine, perfect! On a trailer you could tow it to Scotland, only a suggestion!
    Mr Brambles is worn out after all that monster hunting, hope he likes the new thingy as well and doesn't squabble over it. Hopefully Sunday will be better than Saturday, so paws crossed, have fun.