Saturday, 1 February 2014

OTL's a Plonker, OTL's a Plonker!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss Twinkle and Mr Brambles!

And, just for Michael, it's always 'Ladies First'!

Well, didn't we have a laugh this morning when we looked at the video and realised that he had put on the 'Out-Takes' instead of the proper one!

As Holly says 'Wot A Plonker!'

So, here you are, the real one!

Miss Twinkle meets the Gang, II

First thing this morning we were off to take The Missus up to the village hall for her 'Master Class', you should have seen the amount of stuff she takes!

Next was the beach, again there was just as much water on land as there was out to sea! OTL says that there is more coming plus a Spring Tide, so that should be interesting at lunch time!

The Curlew  called out that he had heard that Ferret tasted like worm and would we care to throw him one!

Snowflake said that all birds taste like chicken and would we throw her!

OTL said we all had to leave the birds alone. Spoil Sport! Mind you, a 'Flying Ferret' would be an unusual sight, even for The River Medway!

Tasty Chicken?
 Mr Brambles and I were playing chase and he offered to run behind me but I knew what he was up to, he just wanted to nip my legs, sneaky little ferret!

You are just Too Crafty Mr B!
 Snowflake was shivering to wake up and she said that the camera couldn't focus on her 'cos she was shivering so badly and could OTL pick her up?

OTL suggested she do a couple of laps around the beach to wake up and get warm but she said it was better in the ferret bag!

Go On, Pick Me Up!
Back home it has been 'House Keeping Day' for Snowy Heights, a change of bedding and a vacuum up of all the nibbles the ferrets stash under the bed! Then, out comes the bucket of warm water for a wash down, just to get rid of the bits that had got wet and stuck to the floor!

On the bottom level is was the same except that it is Cat Litter that had been thrown out of the Poo Pot! OTL has noticed that Miss Twinkle is using the same Poo Pot as Miss Snowflake, leaving Mr Brambles his own Poo Pot to be messy in!

Lunch time we were down the Sea Wall again and although the tide was in, it wasn't very big waves at all!

That was a Splash?
When we got back we all had a look at the ferrets and, yes, they were all sleeping, getting closer but still not in a Ferret Ball!

Spot Miss Twinkle!
Now, sorry the blog is late but we can all blame OTL for messing up the video and also we can blame the terrible Broadband link we have down here in the Wilds of Kent!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss Twinkle and Mr Brambles.


  1. Loved the blog. Was a treat seeing the other video as well, 2 is always better than 1. The ferrets seem to be getting much more comfortable with each other, so who knows, I wonder whether Miss Twinkle will end up being a permanent fixture. Lovely pictures as usual today. You girls do live a good life down there in the wilds of Kent. I think TM takes so much stuff because she shares it all with her friends. I'm hoping to get down there possibly about April time if TM has room for me. Have a good day today, Archie and I are now warm and comfie again. :) xxxxx

  2. Fabulous videos Daisy. Both versions. I was wondering if Mr B might be shoving his water bowl around and scratching underneath looking for more water? Perhaps he used to have a bigger bowl/paddling pool before? Miss T is lovely. I'm surprised that no one seems to be looking for her x

  3. Hi girlies and fuzzies (all3) Loved this blog hehe I am so glad OTL made the mistake and put the outakes on yesterday .... todays video is really good and well worth waiting for, got to say those ferrets have got all the creature comforts haven't they wonder ferrets are packing their bags and running away to All Hallows the've heard on the Ferret grapevine. OTL & TM are really lovely opening up their home they are true animal lovers furry or feathered. Poor OTL having to do the Ferret housework while TM was out playing with her friends and the glitter and glue. It's amazing how much 'STUFF' they need when I go into my missus' craft room I end up with sticky bits on my paws, glitter in my black coat and there's nothing to scoff in there unless OTL manages to remember to treat her to a cuppa and biccies, usually when he wants to keep control of the tv remote. Talking about biccies I am off to see what i can mug off him right now xxx Jasper PS so glad Archie & his missus are all cosy and warm again xxx

  4. Wonderful Blog Daisy, we were busy yesterday and I didn't realise that I had missed this one, today's video was a tad more interesting, OTL is very brave to expose all those bare ankles! The little ones seem to be getting on better although Snowflake is not too sure of Miss Twinkle but you could see her sharing a bit. What alot of toys they have, do you have that many toys?
    xxxx x