Friday, 21 February 2014

The weekend is here!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

It was a bit chilly this morning when we went down the beach, the wind was blowing and neither of the ferrets wanted to get out of the Ferret Bag in fact, Mr bramble tried to climb up Old Two Leg's leg to get back in the bag!

The thing that stopped him was the fact that his claws weren't sharp 'cos OTL had cut them last night, both him and Miss Snowflake, so she didn't stand a chance of getting back up either!

I don't care if it's sunny, it's Still Cold!
 Holly and I were having a sniff around and she said that she could sniff Sand Eels.  Now I've never sniffed sand eels before and really didn't know what they sniffed like!

We had a dig and to be honest, I couldn't sniff anything except sand!

I'm sure it's a Sand Eel!
 When the ferrets finally got going, Mr Brambles decided to stay away from the water and the wet sea weed, 'I'm off to climb Mountains' he says and heads for the cliff face of sea shells. It was so funny, his little old legs were going full speed and he was getting nowhere, the shells just carried on pouring down the cliff face!

Help! This lot keeps moving!
 Miss Snowflake, who was just a bit further down, tried a sneaky one, 'Oh Dear!' she said, 'I just can't get up the cliff face, OTL will just have to pick me up!'

Yeah! I can see OTL falling for that one!

Oh Dear! I'm Stuck!
It wasn't long before they decided to go the long way around and soon we were on the path back to the car park!

OTL had loads to do, packing stuff up and getting it down the carriers.

On the way he decided to take us down to the Sea Wall first, well, we can't miss out on our lunch time walk!

Miss Holly Dog was in a very good mood, I think it was the fact she spent some time in the back garden laying on the path in the sunshine, it always makes her feel good! 

I LOVE the Sunshine!
We raced along the beach and even dug a hole or two to get rid of some energy! Down on the beach we were out of the wind, so it was quite warm. It was only when we got back onto the Sea Wall that the wind caught us!

Hey! It's still windy up here!
We payed a trick on OTL, we let him get ahead and then sneaked around the back of the bushes, so when he called us he couldn't see where we were!

There he was, calling, whistling and grumbling when we both jumped out and woofed at him!

That made him jump!

Here's Woofing at you too OTL!
Being a school holiday, all week we have been seeing families down on the beach but today we only saw one today. Mind you, they were throwing stones into the sea, which seemed a little strange to us 'cos after throwing the stone the little Two Legs didn't go rushing into the water to fetch it back!

I mean, what is the point of just throwing stones in the water if your not going to chase them?

These Two Legs can be strange sometimes!

Stone Throwers!
Were not too sure what is happening tomorrow but if the weather holds up we may get a run out in the car to see if the forest has dry paths instead of muddy rivers between the trees!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. So are you all back to normal now, with TM home? Has she had her new sweeper out yet? It looks like you've had a good day despite it being a bit on the cold side. Loved all the pictures today. Those little TL's are strange. Archie usually likes them because if they have food in their hands, he can reach it easily. Little TL's seem to like feeding dogs. I'm surprised OTL hasn't sourced coats for Snowflake and Mr Brambles yet. What is this I hear about when you go on your holiday next time you're taking Snowflake and Mr Brambles. I'm sure they'll love that. There'll be more of you to sing your traveling songs. Hope TM hasn't messed up with the lovely menu you worked out. Have a good evening all :) xxxx

  2. Waiting for your report on the paths to see if they are muddy. What a good day again you had today, it was cold and windy when in the wrong places but the sun shone and it was warm in our car. Poor little ferrets climbing and climbing and climbing and not getting anywhere, you and Holly are much wiser to that now you are all grown up. Holly in the sunshine is so sweet, I am glad that she was in a good mood because she can be a bit of a grumbler when things don't go her way, bless her. I love all the pictures today, OTL is getting rather good at the action shots and with you all moving fast he has to be very quick with the camera. Have a lovely Saturday, I am hoping to get out and find some rays myself. xxxx