Saturday, 15 March 2014

A Saturday with OTL!

Hello Woofers!

Us here again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

What a super day today, one of those lazy, sunny, warm Saturdays that has been full of fun but we haven't really done anything. Well, we woofed at some neighbours and a passing woofer or cat. Holly has woofed at the birds in the back garden and Old Two Legs has woofed at us both when the postman called!

After The Missus left for her 'Master Class' we headed off in the big car to go down to the beach. When we got out to the main road through the village there was a big notice saying that the road was closed 'cos they were repairing the holes in the road!

OTL says that there are so many holes that it would be more cost effective if they dug it all up and relaid the tarmac surface completely!

We had to go the long way around but that was no bother 'cos it gave us a chance to woof at some birds in the fields and a couple of woofers who only get to walk along the grass verge for their morning walk instead of rampaging across the grass and beach like wot we do!

When we all got down to the beach Mr Brambles pointed out that the fog had gone and so had the fog horns and on top of that we could even see Sheerness!

Look! No Fog Horns!
 The ferrets had fun digging a few holes in the sand and then decided to run along the beach having a race! Holly decided that they were really after her so she disappeared over the horizon to investigate a sniff she caught on the wind on the way down to the beach!

As the ferrets were running along the Sea Wall, they stopped and asked OTL what was the matter with me, I was sitting on the beach looking out to sea!

Wassa Matter Wiv Her?
 They all stood there looking and it was OTL who saw what I was looking at!

Does it taste like chicken?
 Back home OTL gave us our breakfast, chicken! and then cleaned out the ferrets cage and fed them plus he had a game with them until they decided that they felt sleepy after all that exercise on the Sea Wall!

Holly and I settled down to watch the replay of the F1 Qualifying and have a little snooze!

OTL had some stuff to do in the office until the rugby started!

Well, it was good fun watching the England - Italy match start and when Italy went ahead with a penalty kick we decided that it would be a good idea if we took OTL out for a walk!

When we got down to the Sea Wall we chased a couple of rabbits but they were too far away for us to catch. Down on the beach we spotted another camera nut taking pictures of the sea, I mean, there's nothing there but the sea!

A Picture of......................the sea?
 Holly and I decided that he was boring and went off to investigate a woofer having a paddle a bit further on.

When we got up there we all had a sniff and said hello but we didn't hang about 'cos her master called her away!

Hello Girls!
Holly was all full of it 'cos she had short hair and she was having fun jogging along and flapping her ears up and down!

I said that if she did it any harder she'd take off like a sea gull!

Hey! Look at my ears!
 Mind you, she did stop when she came across some fishermen and she tried to mug a sarnie!

No Sarnies, wot a cheek!
 On the way back we came across a pile of sea gull feathers which is a sure sign that last night a fox got some dinner and found out if sea gull taste like chicken!

Not much left!
 We got back just in time to see the last bit of the rugby match and for England to win 52-11! OTL was jumping up and down and we were woofing all over the place!

Now we have to wait until the France - Ireland match is finished to see if England wins the Six Nations Competition!

TM arrived back after her 'Master Class' and said that there were a number who couldn't make it 'cos they had caught flu!

Well, as far as we are concerned, they can keep it, we don't want any flu stuff around here 'cos it makes OTL all grumpy and TM is even worse!

So, we are waiting for the results from the France - Ireland match, claws cross!

See you all tomorrow.

OTL has plans to plant the 'Wild Flower' patch in the garden and set up the Bug Hotel!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. You lucky girls, what a lovely day you've had, wish mine and Archie's had been so restful. Holly looks like she's about to take off with her ears flapping, I must say you do both look the dogs doodahs with your lovely hairdo's. Glad there were no fog horns to spoil Mr B's walk and I bet Snowflake is enjoying the sunnier mornings. Have a lovely evening all. xxxx

  2. Well Saturday was a very sporting day and oh so glad that England won and by such a margin and you have spent Sunday with F1 so by the time I type this response you are all squared eyed and probably fast asleep. Love the picture of Flying Holly she looks so happy and sparkly, all she needs is a spot of TM magic powder as she will be away into the clouds. Nice story today and I like all the pictures except the feathers, that ones sad. Watching out for the results of the Wild Flower Patch and the Bug Hotel, are you taking bookings for that yet? xxxx