Friday, 21 March 2014

Cloudy, Rain, Windy, Sunshiny Day!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you on the first full day of Spring!

We do love the Spring Time! All the blooms are on the trees, the birdies are singing and there are more rabbits to 'Say Hello' to!

Like this morning, off we went for our morning jog along the beach but before we could get down there we dived off into the 'Hunting Ground' to say hello.

Rotten mean rabbits ran away! That's the trouble with rabbits, no manners!

Down on the beach the wind was blowing and although it wasn't cold, it was still a bit chilly! Of course, as soon as Old Two Legs put Miss Snowflake down you know where she headed!

Come on, just let me hang onto your socks for a while?
OTL, being used to her tricks did a quick 'Back Paddle'! Miss Snowflake was left to warm up by jogging along the beach!

It was fun watching her running after OTL and Mr Brambles calling out that he had got the best Tail on the beach!

Mind you, he was running along the 'Wall of Death' and kept slipping down the wall and to help balance he was swishing his tail from side to side!

Just look at This Tail!
Well, that took Miss Snowflakes mind off the temperature and pretty soon she had 'Fluffed up her tail and was wiggling it about as she walked along the Sea Wall!

Of course, Mr Brambles didn't agree and called it 'All Wind and Waving', which I thought was a bit much but they carried on arguing all the way back to the car!

Mind you, I did see Holly waving her tail about but she just couldn't get it to Fluff Up like Snowflakes does!

When there was no one looking I tried to fluff my tail as well but all I could do was wag it!

It was a good job no one was looking!

Lunchtime OTL decided that the ferrets should come for another run 'cos the sun was shining and it was reasonably warm!

Today, OTL also decided to take his old camera with him and leave the Infrared Thingy at home, for a change!

The first place we started was the 'Hunting Ground' where the ferrets enjoyed themselves yesterday but today, no Infrared, and this time there were some new sniffs!

Mr Brambles started off with a Mole Sniff!

Oh Yes! This is definitely a Mole!
Which to be honest, I sniffed yesterday but he even had a little dig as well, so we left him to it!

Miss Snowflake got hold of a sniff she reckon is a trace of Weasel!

It is very possible that there are Weasels here 'cos we have seen one crossing the road a couple of miles back, so why not?

I can sniff Weasels, Honest!
 When we got down to the beach I was frantic looking for a stick for OTL to throw in the sea for me but there nothing there! I was almost distraught! No swimming, all I did was get my tummy wet!

Here Sticky, Sticky!
Mr Brambles was having fun sniffing along the Sea Wall and said that he could sniff Holly Dog from this morning!

Mmmm, This is a Holly Dog!
By now Snowflake had decided she want to come out of the bag again and head up to the 'Second Rabbit Hunting Ground'.

OTL said she looked as if she has been asleep!

Can I come out again Pleeeease?
OTL got her out and both ferrets headed up the hill. Holly was not too happy 'cos if we went that way we would have lost half of our normal run!

Wot? That's the Shortcut for when it rains!
I didn't mind 'cos it means I get to try out my Rabbit Chasing skills for a second time and this time I was ahead of Holly, but not for long!

In fact, Holly and I were so busy OTL had to take the ferrets back to the car while we snuffled around the bushes, then he had to come back for us!

Back home we all crashed out, except OTL, and enjoyed a good snooze.

Not sure what is happening this weekend but we do know that The Missus is off to her local 'Crop' on Saturday.

With a bit of luck we may get to The Forrest and if the weather is good the ferrets may come with us, now that will be great 'cos they have never been there before!

We'll let you know what happens, especially as the clocks go forward an hour on Saturday night, OTL really hates it when that happens!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. What a busy day again, I don't know where you all find the energy from. Hmmm now about the tails, I think they are all lovely. Beautiful pictures again. Maybe if Mr B finds a mole you can take it home and get it to help with the digging in the garden. Glad you enjoyed your snoozes today. Hope you get some decent muggings tonight. Archie is trying to get another visit to the vets for more cuddles. He ate a plastic bag yesterday while the lady next door was looking after him, so we're hoping that he does a ready wrapped poo. Take care all and have a lovely weekend :) xxxxx

  2. Great blog and lovely pictures again. Daisy we have had this before, forget about the rabbits they are too quick for you let alone Holly. Love the big red eyes of Miss Snowflake they look really piercing. XXXX

  3. I don't think the clocks go forward until next weekend!

  4. Angie is right the clocks go forward next weekend unless of course you live in Allhallows, the same day as Mothers Day, unless of course you live in Allhallows when every day is TM day.
    What a lovely collection of photos today and those red eyes are so beautiful. You have had such a brilliant day even if it was a bit cold with the wind and I agree with Michael those rabbits are designed to be quick, quick, quick no good for little woofers. Have a great weekend, don't get cold in the frost and I like OTL photos with his "old" camera. xxxx