Saturday, 22 March 2014

Foiled by a Woofer!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

We have been 'Snitched' on by Angie! We know the clocks go back next week but we planned to get The Missus up an hour earlier so we could have our breakfast BEFORE we went out for our walk instead of half way through the morning!

We had planned to jump up and down on TM telling her it was later than she thought and she was in 'Deep Poo' by oversleeping!

What happened?

Angie Snitched on Us!

That's it! She gets a 'Black Mark' and it's going down in 'The Records'!

Flushed with his success yesterday with his old camera, Old Two Legs was out with it again this morning and I must say, it is easier to capture a 'Quick' shot. The other camera is very slow to take a picture, it must be all of two seconds after pressing the shutter release that the picture is captured and by that time the subject could be half a mile down the road, especially if you are a ferret!

This morning the sun was shining but there was a bit of a chill on the wind. Mind you, the ferrets were tucked up in their Ferret Bag and it wasn't until we got almost to the beach that Miss Snowflake stuck her head out and asked 'Are We There Yet?'

Are We...................?
 Down on the beach Mr Brambles found some sea weed and proceeded to dig underneath to hide himself from the Marauding Eagles and The Nargles!

Bet You Can't See Me Now!
 Miss Snowflake said he looked silly with his head under the sea weed and his back side sticking up in the air!

Mr Brambles didn't take too kindly to that and when he came out he said that the eagles had given up and gone away 'cos they couldn't see him!

It worked! Look, they've gone!
Holly said that The Ferrets were getting worse and when would they return to 'Normal' again?

She can talk!

We met up with Oscar & Max on our walk and they are fascinated by the ferrets.  They keep sniffing and woofing at them and of course, that makes the ferrets a bit nervous.  Both ferrets were on their leads when Max & Oscar came tearing around the corner and started to sniff and woof at the same time. Miss Snowflake was closest and got a big wet doggy nose on her back! She was just about to turn around and tell Oscar to 'Woof Off' when OTL got in between them and rescued Oscar!

It would have been fun to see Snowflake give him a 'Ferret Toothy Kiss' but OTL said that would give him the wrong impression of ferrets!

Remove your nose sunshine or I'll have it for breakfast!
Mind you, the ferrets thought it was great fun to see both of them woofers hooked onto their leads and walked back home!

That'll teach them to sniff our ferrets!

Max & Oscar in The Poo again!
Back home we found 'Crop', so, we had the house to ourselves! A Greasy Chicken and Biscuits followed by a snooze and some bird watching out the back garden while OTL finished off his work!

We left the ferrets at home 'cos they were both fast asleep in their bed and OTL said they looked too comfortable to wake up!

Lunchtime and we enjoyed our Rabbit Sniffing. It's OK having the ferrets on our rabbit patch but when we get it all to ourselves it's just more fun!

Rabbit Sniffing!
 After the rabbits we headed off to the beach but the tide wasn't in yet and I wandered off to get some sea sniffing in!

The only problem was, the mud was a bit soft and the best sniffs were on the mud!

Sorry OTL, the mud was a bit soft!
 Down the Sea Wall, Holly met an old mate and they had a run about and a woof!

Having a game with Holly's mate!
 Back home we all crashed out on the sofa and even OTL had a snooze! We all woke up when Holly decided to have a woof at a couple of Collared Doves sitting in the tree in the garden. Holly says they were looking at the tree as a prospective nesting site.

Those birds have been trying to build a nest in our garden for years and always chose a place where the nest would keep falling out of the tree!

Maybe this year!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Lovely blog today, with beautiful pictures. tsk there's always a snitch about to grass a joker up. I think TM might have hidden the chicken though if you had played that trick on her. I think Mr B has a point about the eagles and nargles, he needs to start practising hiding from them for his holidays. Miss Snowflake does look ferocious when Oscar tried to sniff her back. I bet he was glad OTL got between them. have a lovely evening girls xxxx

  2. I am so so sorry and so confused now and I'm sure you've done it on purpose OTL! Now I don't know if they go forward or back! Yes I do but I'm not saying! I did a very brave thing commenting because I have problems with Blogs, or I should say my Laptop does. I usually can't get away without a 'freeze', so I just lurk and read! While things are going well I must say I absolutely love this Blog, the dogs, the ferrets and the wonderful photographs, not to forget OTL! Thank you so much all of you, you have given me many hours of pleasure! Now fingers crossed this will post, without a 'freeze'!

  3. Hi girls, and Mr Brambles, so sorry to be late on parade only our super dooper fast internet went off air for over 12 hours last night and we all had a cry, even the next door neighbor came knocking saying " you got internet"?. Angie, spring forward and fall back and we all have problems with comments on blogs from time to time.
    Anyway glad you all had a good day out and smashing pictures of you two and the ferrets. xxxx

  4. So now I have commented on todays I can read yesterdays. That Oscar was being a bit brave, he could not resist seeing if Snowflake licked liked chicken, glad Snowflake never found out if Oscar tasted like chicken. It really was a day for the ferret bag to snuggle down in, the day looked so bright and happy but the wind was there to deceive us. As far as the clock alterations go:- Spring Forward and Fall Back, Fall is Autumn so it means Autumn Back but that wouldn't sound right.
    Because of Michaels' accident we didn't alter our Motorhomes' clock back in the Fall so we don't have to spring it forward next week, we just had to not look at the clock when we were away recently because we were living an hour ahead of everyone else. xxxx