Thursday, 13 March 2014

It's a Foggy Foggy Day!

Hello Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

We had a look out of the window first thing this morning and it was Horrible! We couldn't even see the road, thick fog everywhere!

Down on the beach we couldn't even see the sea!

I see no sea!
 Both Mr Brambles and Miss Snowflake were put down on the sand but they said it was a bit chilly and took a little while to warm up. Ferrets warm up by shivering until they have generated some heat!

Mr Brambles was shivering away when he spotted Miss Snowflake tearing across the sand and called out 'Oi! Where are you off too?'

'Oi!' Where are you off.........
Miss Snowflake didn't stop to explain, instead she sot across to where OTL was crouched down looking at something and jumped up onto his lap, calling behind to Mr Brambles, 'I'm off to where it's warmer!'

I'm off to get warm!
 Of course, Old Two Legs wasn't having any of that and he put her back on the sand again with the instruction to 'Have a Run'!

Remembering yesterday and the fun Mr Brambles had creeping up on the doggies, Miss Snowflake decided to have a go at 'Close Observation' and proceeded to bury herself in the seaweed.

Her first attempt was a little amateurish and we could all see where she was, even though she couldn't see us!

Bet you can't see me!
 Her next attempt was a little better and it was only her nose and the last bit of her tail we could see. That was all OK except that the 'Sand Hoppers' were starting to come out and she didn't like the idea of them crawling all over her, so she gave up that game!

There is something crawling over my tummy!
 Holly and I got really involved with a beach sniff and spent such a long time investigating that we didn't notice Mr Brambles come across to have a look as well. It was a good job he didn't nip us!

Wot you got here girls?
Back home to Lambs Heart and a snooze, well, we had earned it, all that chasing about wears a puppy out you know!

Lunch time the sun was poking through the fog but somehow it seems the fog was thicker. When we got to the beach we couldn't see as far as we did this morning. Mind you, we did see a couple sitting on the beach eating lunch. There were sausage rolls and cream filled chocolate eclairs!

They wouldn't give us any!

Holly said we should pinch a sausage or two but OTL was too close and would have told us off!

A Right Pair of Greedy Guts!
To take our minds off the sausages we headed off to do some rabbit hunting but there were none around, Holly reckons they have all gone down the local cafe for a bite to eat!

Where have all the rabbits gone, long time passing?
This morning both ferrets, but especially Mr Brambles were a bit frightened by the fog horns being blasted from passing ships and the Sheerness Docks. OTL had to keep stopping and picking Mr Brambles up to reassure him that everything was safe and OTL was keeping all those nasty fog horns away.

Well, lunchtime it was just as bad and in fact I don't know if it was the fog that was doing it, but the fog horns seemed to be louder than this morning!

I hear Fog Horns!
Back home we had a wander around the garden, catching some rays and looking for the blackbirds nest that The Missus says is being built in the ivy hanging over the fence.

No luck, but to be honest, I fell asleep while watching for the bird and never saw a thing!

TM is off to a local card shop thingy to do a demonstration of her technique using the stuff that the shop sells. She said that the course was oversubscribed three times over!

Tomorrow we are off to get our hair cut and a shampoo and set plus have our nails done as well. Holly says that she hopes the hair cut is not too short 'cos it is still a bit drafty down the back end, especially in the fog!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. My two ferrets haven't experienced fog horns. Cocoa has to hide under cars from the nasty airplanes. Peccadillo really did not like it when we were in a churchyard and the bell was suddenly rung. They both dislike revving motorbikes and sirens.

  2. It might have been foggy but you still had a good day by the sounds of it. Lovely pictures, those 2 ferrets are sneaky little peeps. I think I would have risked a telling of and nicked a sausage or an ├ęclair.
    Maybe it was so foggy that the rabbits couldn't find their way out of the holes. That TM does do good demonstrations, I'm not surprised it's over subscribed tomorrow, If I didn't have to go to work I would have loved to have gone. Glad to hear the scoff has improved. Have a lovely evening all, Arch is feeling much better today and sends licks and wags to you all :) xxxxx

  3. Smashing blog even with all that fog, I am not surprised that Snowflake did not want a run.
    So you are going for a short back and sides then Daisy and Holly bet you will look smart after your haircuts. XXX

  4. Those ferrets are getting very knowing with all their sneaking about, you are going to have to be careful, they will be after your lambs hearts and chicken next. BEWARE. It was very foggy this morning and we had a look at the river, we could see it but not very appealing so we came home. Shall look forward to seeing pictures of the new hair style and manicure you are going to be a couple of swells tomorrow, I hope it isn't foggy or nobody will see you and OTLs camera won't find you either. I hope you all enjoyed your evening, have a nice rest and more adventures for Friday. xxxx