Thursday, 6 March 2014

Mr Brambles & Miss Snowflake are Expecting a Special Present form OTL!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

You know, we have been watching out of the bedroom window today but we still haven't seen Old Two Legs arrive. It must be tomorrow when he is coming back!

We have heard that he has been out again down Glen Etive looking for snow but it seems to be creeping back up the mountain!

Alun, (Tripod Walla) is still in a Grumpy Mood 'cos he has to look after the tripod in the rain. He says he is going on strike!

Tripod Walla's going on Strike!
OTL says that if he if he does that then he won't get his Cullen Skink tonight and he would sack him!

OTL says that it wasn't raining this morning up there so they went back to look for some more Moody Pictures and bumped into some red deer they met the last time they were up there.

Yes, I  think I remember you!
He should have stayed down here 'cos we got deer and stuff in our forests and on top of that it has been sunny and warm today. Our morning stroll along the beach was good fun and The Missus even enjoyed it as well!

When we got back I was snuffling under the cushions and found the chew Holly had hidden, so I pinched it! What was even better, I proceeded to chomp away at it while she watched me!

We got a message from OTL saying that he was 'Above the Snow Line' and it was Snowing!

OTL must have been out with the Snow Fairy 'cos you can't have snow without the Snow Fairy!

OTL meets the Snow Fairy!
 OTL says that the Snow Fairy looks a lot like a Tripod Walla he sacked this morning!

A Snow Fairy Walla?
The last message we got was that OTL had got another rock so that both Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles can now have their own rocks to roll about the the tray at the bottom of their cage.

Mr Brambles says he loves a good bit of 'Rock & Roll'

He's getting as bigger wag as Holly!

See you tomorrow when OTL should be home!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. What lovely pictures, love the one of the deer and the lake. OTL is a hard man sacking his tripod walla.
    That's good to hear he's bringing back a present for Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles, what's he bringing back for you and TM? No long now and he'll be back for his cuddles with you and Holly. How sneaky to munch her chew while she watched, I bet you're in the dog house with her, she'll hide it better next time. Glad you all enjoyed your walk this morning, hope OTL doesn't bring any snow fairies home with him. Keep guarding his side of the bed girls, that TM might just decide she likes both sides, I wouldn't put it past her. Have a good evening :) xxxx pssssst just how much did TM swig from her bottle last night?

  2. OTL has sent you some stunning pictures, that deer is gorgeous but I don't suppose you would want to meet him on the beach! The boys look happy in the cold, don't know why! You are doing very well publishing this blog while he is away, you and I are nice and warm in Kent while they is miles away in Snowy Scotland, still they wanted to go. He would have sulked if you had try to stop him. Hope TM is looking after you, glad she enjoyed her walk in the sunshine, it gave her a break from the glue and glitter and brought roses to her cheeks. OTL will be very tired when he gets back to be very quiet, not too much woofing and let him have a good sleep, no woofing at 3 am, leave it until 8 am then give him a great big lick and a woof then Holly can join in. Have a practice on TM before he gets home. xxxx

  3. Lovely one of the Deer and Alun looks quite happy in the last shot so he must like the snow, sooner him than me. I told you yesterday Daisy that OTL would be back Friday and I hope that TM is looking after you all and feeding you proper food. Anyway have a good night and don't get TM up to much in the night. XXXX