Monday, 3 March 2014

OTL is Up To Something!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you again!

It has been super sunny down here in North Kent, the beach was washed clean and the sun reflected off the sea weed and the sand.

We must have had some rain last night 'cos the puddles on the path looked a little fuller that yesterday.

Miss Snowflake took a little while to get going but as soon as she did she was off like a ferret up a trouser leg!

Both of them were hunting in the sea weed and getting their paws all wet and muddy!

First of all Mr Brambles started of by getting 'Deep and Dirty'! He had mud over his paws and green skid marks on his tummy from the sea weed!

Yeah Man! Getting Deep Down & Dirty!
Mind you, Miss Snowflake was getting in a bit of a mess as well. She was even sticking her head under the sea weed sniffing out the cockles!

Another Mucky Ferret!
By the time OTL had cleaned them up they were busting to get onto the muddy path to start all over again!

They tried to make an ambush by the steps but Holly and I are just too smart for that to happen 'cos we had jumped up onto the Sea Wall before we got to the steps!

I get the feeling someone is watching us!
Back home it was chicken again and Holly and I soon had our fill! We spent a couple of hours in the bedroom, on our cushion, looking out of the window and woofing at the Two Legs going past. It was great fun, especially when The Missus started shouting up the stairs for us to be quiet!

Gawd! She was making more noise than all of us woofin' at the same time, and that includes OTL as well!

Now, while we were 'On Guard' OTL was bashing about on the laptop computer and doing some instructions with TM about cleaning the ferrets poo trays out. Then he makes a telephone call to Alun, his cousin and says 'It's Confirmed' see you tomorrow morning.

Now, we got to wondering what he is up to? Is he taking us to see Alun, is Alun coming to see us?

We are going to have to keep a close eye on him, he's up to something!

Lunch time arrives and he is getting out his camera stuff, charging batteries and cleaning lenses, mmmm, still not sure what's going on.

Off we go for our walk and when we got to the beach, it was almost gone! I mean, like nothing but water!

What' happened to the breakwaters?
 There was nothing to paddle in or sniff at, in fact there was only 'Stony Sniffs' to enjoy and to be honest, they were mostly stale!

Stony Sniffs!
 Getting back home, OTL dives into the cupboard and starts searching through the OS maps and comes up with some maps of Glencoe and the Nevis Range! No, he can't be thinking of sneaking off and leaving us at home, oh no, not our OTL!

The pile of camera stuff is getting bigger and he has even started to sort through his sock draw for his woolly socks!

This is not a good sign!

We'll have to keep a close eye on him!

See you tomorrow,


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Oh my goodness Daisy, what is OTL planning I wonder, does his plans include you and Holly? Hmmmmm. I reckon he's planning a sneaky away day or some. Hide his shoes tonight when he goes to bed. Looks like you all had fun on the beach today, lovely piccies as usual. I did rain quite hard were we are during the night so maybe you had a lot of rain down your way as well. Glad to hear you're still on the chicken, chicken is brilliant for dickie tums. Have a good evening tonight and keep that OTL under constant surveillance. :) xxxx

  2. Daisy, I hope that if OTL does sneak off without you, it doesn't leave you so upset that you can't write the blog.

  3. Lovely pictures today, those ferrets are getting adventurous as well as smelly and muddy. Take my advice and don't hide his shoes tonight as Lazy Sunday has suggested.... hide his walking boots, it looks like he is off with Alun to some far off place without the ferrets. Has he left instructions for TM on how to look after you two? If not I expect he is going to take you both with him, yes, that will be the case and TM will be left minding the ferrets, yes, that must be it............
    Get your chews ready and coats just in case............

  4. What are you going to do if he leaves tomorrow? Who is going to take the wonderful pictures, I know you type the blog but is ain't no good without pictures.
    More placards and stand guard by the door to stop him escaping. xxxxx