Sunday, 2 March 2014

Super Sunny Day but Tums Still Dicky!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

We had a really lazy Sunday morning 'cos Old Two Legs decided to turn off the alarm and put his head under the pillow!

Mind you, it was fun seeing how long he could last under there with Holly sleeping on top of the pillow!

The Missus was cooking our chicken breakfast and when it was ready Holly scoffed hers down in a flash but I was still suffering from the Grumbly Tum and decided I would leave it for later!

Down on the beach we met up with Barney II, we hadn't seen him for some time, so it was good to meet him again! 

Yo Barney Babe!
Barney is one of those Doodle Dogs and is a great mate and always full of fun!

The ferrets found a big block of wood on the beach which had some funny sniffs on it. Mr Brambles said we should bury it and started to dig a hole underneath but had to stop when Miss Snowflake pointed out that when it falls into the hole, he would be underneath and trapped!

Soppy Ferret will get buried!
Miss Snowflake reckons she could sniff something alive inside the wood but agreed that it could be a Shipworm that likes to make it's home in wet wood.

Come on out Mr Shipworm, I know you're in there!
Holly decided to have a sit down on the sand. She said it was too cold to sun bathe but a rest while the sun was shining was still a pleasant way to pass a few minutes!

This is a pleasant break, are The Ferrets ready yet?
Back home we all went up to OTL's office and had a snooze. I still wasn't feeling like breakfast and as TM had lifted the bowl up onto work surface so that Little Miss Piggly Puppy Holly couldn't pinch it!

It was after that snooze, I wandered down to have a sniff around the garden and when I came in, OTL suggested I might like a nibble. My tum was feeling a bit better so I got tucked in and soon the bottom of the bowl appeared  in front of my nose!

After that I was feeling better so I decided that OTL should take us out again for our lunch time stroll.

As normal there was the Sunday crowd and OTL even met up with one of his customers!

Holly and I ran onto to our Rabbit Hunting and looked all around and guess what? Nuffin!

Come on Wabbits! Time to Play!
Holly carried on sniffing while OTL and I headed to the beach and pretty soon Holly was nowhere to be seen, OTL gave one of his 'Come On Holly' whistles but she still didn't show.

We were just about to go back and see what she was doing when she burst through the bushes and said she had been watching us all the time from the other side of the bushes!

Surprise Surprise!
Out on the breakwater there were a couple of strange looking gulls, OTL said they were 'Black Headed Gulls' getting their Spring and Summer plumage!

Getting There!
 We even came across a family playing with a metal detector, Holly said that all they will find in bottle tops and lost keys!

Look, another bottle top!

Back home we started to get ready for tonight, TM got out some home made burgers while Holly and I sorted out our chews left over from last night!

Not sure what we will be watching tonight, maybe Pirates of the Caribbean which is a fun film!

Holly says she likes the monkey best of all!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Poor Daisy, sorry to hear you had a grumbly tum again, hope it feels better soon, I think maybe a few days of chicken should help. Archie is a bit like Holly, he likes to lay on top of the pillow when I'm asleep. Those ferrets are getting really busy on the beach these days. Archie likes the look of the doodle dog, he's says doodle dogs are always up for fun and mischief, he'd know about that. Beautiful pictures again today, like the one of Holly sunning herself on the beach. Pirates of the Caribbean sounds good to me, I do like captain Jack. Have a good evening and rest your little tum as much as you can. :) xxxx

  2. Lets hope you keep the food in your tum Daisy, glad you are feeling better.
    Nice pics today looks like you had some sun this morning more than we had, still spring is around the corner, we hope. XXXX

  3. Michael has posted a comment but now I have looked it has gone, he said that happened the other day. He was concerned about little Daisy poorly tum.
    Glad that your tummy was recovered enough to eat your chicken breakfast even though it was later, so good of TM to put it out of Holly's reach. Beautiful blue skies today, good day to meet old friends. That wood was rather big, it's a wonder that you didn't want to take it home to mend your boat. Surprise surprise is lovely and also Barney II, what a lovely chap he looks with his curly coat to keep out the cold. Hope you enjoyed the film as long as it didn't make you seasick. XXXX

  4. When I published my comment it took ages and whereas it is quick and returns to the bottom where my comment is, this time after ages and ages it went to the top and I had to scroll down and there was Michael's comment. How strange!