Saturday, 8 March 2014

Tripod Walla Throws a Strop!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you.

What a super day today, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and Old Two Legs is back home again and this afternoon we visited The Forest!

We went out for our morning run along the beach. Mr Brambles was almost beside himself with pleasure, he was jumping and running all over the place. Miss Snowflake was a little more refined but she still was running along 'Dooking' her whiskers off!

My Rocks better than this one!
It was funny when Mr B decided to run across the sea weed 'cos he ran straight into a rock pool and ended up with soaking legs and belly, but he did keep his tail dry!

Oops! Just a bit Quaggy Here!

Back home, OTL gave us chicken for breakfast and we wolfed that down in no time at all! The ferrets were in a playful mood as well and while OTL was cleaning their poo pots, both ferrets tried to run up his trouser legs! Lucky for OTL, he was expecting something like that and was ready to pull them back out! Both ferrets ran off chuckling to themselves!

OTL was telling us about some of the things that happened while they were up in Glencoe, like the rain being mostly horizontal and how the filters on the camera were a 'Raindrop Magnet!' He says that next time he will have to make up a shelter or buy an umbrella to shield the camera from the storms!
Rain Drop Magnet!
Now, while he was up there he had some trouble with the staff, that 'Tripod Walla' to be precise. You see the Tripod Walla was under the impression that he was an 'Apprentice'  and that he would be progressing up the ladder and one day would become a 'Camera Walla', with an increase in gruel rations and a bottle of beer at tea time. OTL had to explain that he was a terrible Tripod Walla and would have to work very hard to become a Camera Walla and he may make it but not for many years.

It was at this point that the Tripod Walla threw a Strop and Showed Off!

I Wanna be a Camera Walla, Now!
Mind you, when we looked at the pictures, we could see why he thought he could be a Camera Walla!

'Camera Walla First Class with Nodules' putting his paw down!
Mind you, no matter who has the camera, if there's no snow on the ground you just don't get the spectacular vista!

Snow-less Glencoe!
 There were a few other stories involving Cullen Skink which Holly thought was a Canadian Pole Cat and that is a distant relation to our ferrets and the thought of OTL eating ferrets was just not on!

After OTL had cleared up all his stuff we went off to do some shopping and get his glasses fixed! I ask you, how can you wear a pair of glasses out by just looking through them!

At lunch time we were in the car and heading off into town, after the shopping bit we visited The Forest! Now, we haven't been there for ages 'cos the mud was about six feet deep on the paths!

It was still muddy but with a bit of care you could keep your paws clean!

Look! Clean Paws!
Mind you, there were a couple patches that were a bit quaggy but we danced around the mucky bits!

Holly was searching out all the new sniffs and found a couple of new ones behind a tree stump!

Guess wot I found?
Of course, OTL was looking at the flowers and birdies flitting around in the bushes. We were happily trotting along Sniffin' the Sniffs and when we looked behind, no OTL!

Back we went and there he was taking pictures of the 'Wild Daffodils'. Holly said that they didn't look very wild to her!

A Wild and Angry Daff!
I said that if she did a wee on them they would get very angry!

Back home we had to go and pick The Missus up from her Master Class, she is a busy little crafter!

Tonight we are going to have a cuddle with OTL and nibble his shortbread and listen to some more tales of Glencoe!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Well, look at that pair of walla's. I bet you and Holly have been glued to OTL's side listening to all his stories. The pictures are lovely, not sure how I'd describe the walla's though ........ hmmmmm.
    So glad you all enjoyed your morning run, loved the pictures of the ferrets. I bet Mr B had a cold tummy.
    Lovely pictures from the forest, think the ones of you and Holly slightly have the edge over the daffodil.
    It's good to hear that you had chicken this morning. Did you get any treats when you went shopping.
    I thought a skink was like a little lizard with sticky type feet, don't tell me OTL is in to eating reptiles, he'll be going out with that weird chap on the telly that eats all his food that he catches or finds growing, don't think he'd make a good walla, he's too busy surviving in the wild. Shame about the snow not being where OTL wanted but I bet he's glad to be home with his furry friends. Have a good evening and looking forward to hearing more tales and seeing more pictures of Mc OTL'S visit to the wilderness. :) xxxx

  2. Hi from sunny Canterbury in Winnie and a really sllllooowww wi-fi and I even paid a couple of quid for it.

    love the picture of Alun and OTL in their ....kilts you can tell who is the apprentice, the one taken by Alun with the same camera is out of focus, he has a long way to go. Keep carrying the tripod and take heed of out OTL.
    Great you got to the Forrest, that OTL really looks after you. XXX

  3. Holly and her "Guess wot I found" is the best shot for me today and Michael is right about the picture of McOTL is out of focus while the McAlun is spot on, I blame the teacher. Wonderful to have them back and to get the The Forest is an extra bonus, I hope you praised TM for looking after you all on her own. xxxx