Saturday, 26 April 2014

A Wet Saturday!

Hi Woofers!

It's us here, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

We were up early this morning, not that we needed to be up early but The Missus had been snoring all night long and finally the noise even woke her up!

Once she is awake she fidgets and turns over in the bed waking everyone else up and after that's done, she gets up and stomps around downstairs 'Tidying' all her card making stuff!

Today we have to take her up to the Village Hall for the 'Crop' and then we can  go off for our walk. Then we have to take the car back up to the hall and hand it over to TM so she can go off and do some demonstrations. We had a look at the web site and spotted the advert, laugh, we could hardly breath!

And last but not least the Fabulous Eileen Goodwin will be Demostrating from 1.00pm -3.00pm Memory box Stencils, inks,Blending etc....
Plus 10% off many Products..
Bargain Buckets.
Prize Draws.

It was a pity that they spelt her name wrongly, still, it's only twenty five bob to talk to her nowadays!

Holly wanted to know why there wasn't any 'Glue Slapping' in the advert!

While we could, we had some fun on the beach.

It started with Miss Snowflake complaining that some one had pinched her hole!

OK, Who's Pinched Me Hole!
Holly and I said we would dig her a new one providing she didn't try to take it over before we finished!

OK Sis, Start Digging and I'll stand guard!
Of course Miss Snowflake was getting all 'Twitchy' wanting to get into the hole to try it out for size!

Holly did her 'Guarding' and managed to keep Snowflake out of the hole, for a little while!

No! You can't have it yet!
When we finished the hole, she inspected it and was about to settle down when the rain started! That was it, she was out and heading back to the car at 'Ferret Fast' speed!

Obviously, it was Mr Brambles that held us up 'cos he is not so fast as Snowflake and as she says....

Your Brake Lights Are Broken!
Back home we had a super chicken breakfast followed by a snooze. We couldn't go out in the garden to woof at the birds 'cos it was raining, we weren't looking forward to our lunchtime walk!

Then OTL spotted a break in the weather and said that we could get a walk but it would mean we have to go at eleven fifteen and of course, we have to be back by twelve for the Fabulous Eileen Goodwin to take the car!

You would have thought that they'd sent a chauffeur driven limousine car to pick her up!

We got back in time and had to walk the last bit home through the village. OTL noticed that the church was going to be open for a 'St Georges Day' event, so he said he may come back with his camera but it means we would be left at home, not much fun there then!

While we were out on our walk OTL spotted what he thinks is an early St Marks Fly, it is supposed to arrive on St Marks Day (28th April) so this one is two days early!

Looks like a St Marks Fly.
Not satisfied with that, he spotted a snail racing along the Sea Wall and got down on his knees, well ahead and waited for it to fly past!

An English Racing Snail!
Then we found a Dandelion that had all of its seed head intact, so that just had to be photographed!

Waiting for the wind!

Back home for a snooze and a brush down with the Doggy Hair Brush!

Here we are, up at the bedroom window waiting for the Fabulous Eileen Goodwin to arrive back in the small car!

By the way, OTL fell asleep and missed the St Georges Day thing at the village church, maybe next year!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. OTL has taken some beautiful pictures today. You sound as though you've had a busy day what with walking, digging holes for Snowflake, taking the little car down to the Fabulous TM, walking back home and snoozing ............ my goodness, I'm exhausted just reading it all. I think Daisy, TM will have to employ a chauffeur ......... and maybe a cook, just to ensure that you continue to get proper cooked brekkies. Hope you all have a lovely evening, do you think The Fabulous TM will be breaking out the bolly? I think maybe the future adverts for her should also include ...... The Fabulous Eileen Godwin supported by the amazing Daisy and Holly, driven by OTL and teaboy Mr Brambles and the fluffy Snowflake. :) xxxx

  2. Just fabulous Daisy. You've given me a real good titter today!