Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Daisy Has Been Suffering Today!

Hello Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

You know what? We were expecting a warm sunny day today and what did we get? Clouds, Wind and I got a bad leg!

This morning we were up late 'cos Old Two Legs overslept. He kept on being woken up during the night, it was a combination of me walking over the top of him to find a soft bit of the bed to sleep on, Holly woofing to be picked up so she could find a soft bit of the bed to sleep on, Holly and I growling and snapping at each other 'cos we both wanted the same soft bit of the bed to sleep on and The Missus was snoring her head off all night long!

Of course, his ever blackening eye and the ache and the stab of pain every time it is touched, didn't help either!

We headed down to the beach and Holly and I were planning on digging a big hole for the ferrets to hide in!

Wot about over there then?
As soon as OTL saw what we were doing he said that the ferrets wanted to hunt monsters in the sea weed!

That was it! If they don't want a hole then we're off to hunt some rabbit and they can do what they want in the wet sea weed!

Mr Brambles started off by climbing up onto a big rock that was covered in sea weed. That was OK getting up 'cos he could stick his claws into the weed and climb up as if he was climbing a rope!

Look at ME! I'm at the very top!
 The problem arrived when he wanted to go down. His claws were pointing the wrong way and instead of climbing down, he started to slip down! That was it, he was back up again as quick as a flash and just sat there.

Then he had a brilliant idea!

OTL! Lift me down Pleeease?
 Miss Snowflake said that she was going to be 'Creative, just like the 'Fabulous Eileen Godwin'!

 So she set about stamping on the mud to leave her paw prints all over the place and make a pretty pattern!

I'm going to be the 'Fabulous Miss Snowflake'!
OTL told her that unless she washed off all the mud, 'The Fabulous Miss Snowflake' wouldn't get a lift back home in the car!

Mr Brambles was a bit late getting off the beach 'cos he was trying to leave his paw prints in the sand. Not so messy but the sand still got between his toes!

Hey! Wait for me!
 Back we went to the car and headed home.

When we got back my back leg, the left one, was hurting. It's a thing I get if I twist or sprain it when doing too much exercise chasing rabbits or Holly!

That was it! I crawled into OTL's arm and he gave my legs and backside a good massage which helped to ease the ache and the pain!

Then he put me on the bed, on one of our beds and TM put her Fleece over me like a blanket to keep me warm.

I had a little snooze while OTL went off delivering some stuff and Holly joined me on the bed as well, so we both had a snooze together!

When OTL got back it was lunch time and he suggested a walk was in order, I wasn't too sure, but he gave me another massage and carried me to the car. We we got out at the beach I tried a few steps and my leg seemed better, so, I very gently had a walk and a wee around our normal route!

Back home to a bowl of Doggy Scoff!

I mean, there I am with a damaged leg, hobbling along, being all big and brave, and what do I get?


I decided to go back to bed again for some more snoozing until dinner time, maybe I'll get some sympathy from OTL and a bit of his dinner

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy,  Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Poor, poor Daisy, in such awful pain with a bad leg and you get DOGGY SCOFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's awful. That's against the law. Suffering dogs have to have chicken or fish!!!! It has to be hand cooked and blown on to cool it down. How could anyone be so cruel and give you DOGGY SCOFF? Maybe OTL (being the kind big softie he is) will hand feed you some nice muggings tonight. Now Daisy, while we are on about cruelty ........ are you sure that poor OTL hit his eye on the bedside cabinet, are you sure some cruel person didn't plant one on him? I hope his eye feels better soon, watch out that TM doesn't put some inka gold on it. Apart from the suffering the day does sound quite a nice one. Did Mr Brambles enjoy sliding down the seaweed and did The Fabulous Miss Snowflake enjoy her crafty footprint playing. I think tonight maybe you should get the softest spot on the bed so tell Holly not to try and pinch it from you as you are suffering. Lovely pics again today. Hope all the aches and pains go quickly. :) xxxx

  2. Late on parade I have been hosting my Ladies Group tonight we had to bring some pieces of news which we read out, very interesting it was. I told of the 9 stone tortoise who had been bought 14 years ago as an ordinary tortoise but turned out to be a rare breed that can weigh 14 stone. The owner could not cope and gave it to a rescue centre, you haven't seen a gigantic tortoise lurking around, have you?
    Poor Daisy, having trouble with your leg again, you take care, what it needs is a nice piece of steak bound around it before being cooked and put into your dish. Mr Brambles is having fun with the seaweed and little footprints, that will worry some TL's who will wonder what made them. haha. Find a nice spot to sleep tonight but try not to wake your TL's, they need their sleep and put them into good moods xxxx