Tuesday, 22 April 2014

It's Tuesday, so it's Back To Work!

Hello Woofers!

Us here again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

It rained last night, we know that 'cos we heard it. It rained a lot, we know that 'cos there was a whopping great puddle across the road that leads us to The Beach!

When we got there, we saw some mighty big puddles along the path as well!

There were rainy sort of clouds blocking the sun, so it all looked a bit gloomy!

Gloomy or Wot?
Miss Snowflake didn't look too happy 'cos she said she was a bit cold and really fancied going back to sleep again and could she get back in the ferret bag again!

Go On, Just a Little Snooze Again?
Of course, Old Two Legs said that she needed some exercise and suggested a jog along the beach, just like wot Mr Brambles was doing!

I tried to cheer her up by pretending I was the last Easter Bunny!

Look! I'm The Last Easter Bunny!
That made her laugh! Then we found an underground sniff, so I set to work digging it out while she stood at the edge of the hole giving me instructions!

OK, Now Move over there and go deeper!
You know, she can be a right Bossy Ferret when she puts her mind to it!

OK, Now Deeper!
Thanks to PeeJay for identifying the brown tail moth caterpillars and Peterc for confirming the observation, OTL looked up the moth in his book and saw that they can launch their hairs into the air if threatened! The location and nest was as described in the book and you can get a nasty rash from those hairs as well!

We stayed well away from them!

Back home it was Doggy Scoff again, I really don't know why she does it to us, I mean, we are always giving her licks and saying how pleased we are to see her after one of her Master Classes, and what do we get as a reward?

Doggy Scoff Yuk, YUk, YUK!

OTL  took us out for our lunchtime walk and spent most of the time on his mobile phone, really boring!

We had to sit there while he waved his arms about, as if the person on the phone could see him!

Then it was back home and off he went leaving us with The Missus!

When he came back he had some funny sniffs on his boots! Cow Poo!

Seems he has been up to a farm to look at something or other and the not only grow stuff but they keep animals as well!

So, he is back and we are off to see what he has for dinner and then mug some, anything has got to be better than Doggy Scoff!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. The weather has been gloomy today, such a shame. You were really good to dig out the sniff for Snowflake. Now TM is going to get a serious tongue lashing if she keeps giving you doggie scoff, naughty TM! Doesn't she know it's against the law to have lovely little girl doggies and feed them yuk stuff? Good job you kept away from that caterpillar, wouldn't want it launching anything at you or giving you a rash. Hope OTL gave his boots a good wash, they must be smelly daisy roots. Hope the weather is better for you tomorrow, go give OTL some extra licks and cuddles and he might share his dinner with you tonight. We can't have you starving. Lovely pictures despite the weather. Hoping you get some snackettes tonight to keep the starvation pangs away xxxx

  2. Hi, we are back again from a short holiday and I had trouble with data on the phone and had to buy some more to do a blog, £6 it cost me I think I will cry like OTL. Great pics of the hole digging and you can see who is in charge MISS SNOWFLAKE. I will have to have words with TM this food business is right out of order, you two need your strength. XXXX

  3. That first picture looks like you were taken out at 3 am, shame on OTL for getting you up so early! I thought you were going to say that OTL took you out "For Lunch" not out for a "Lunchtime Walk", poor you after not finding Easter Bunnies and only those nasty brown hairy things it was the least he could do. I hope OTL didn't get cow poo in the nice clean car and I hope you told him a thing or two about watching where he is walking. Did TM scrub him in the sink and dry him with a rough towel, fancy getting all smelly, perhaps he will get doggie scroff for being so careless? xxxx