Wednesday, 2 April 2014

More Flying Glue Pots!

Hi Woofers!

We're back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Poor Old Two Legs, he still can't get used to the clocks falling forward and instead of getting up at six as normal, he was a whole half an hour late in waking up and almost an hour late in getting on the paddling machine!

The ferrets came over to say 'Good Morning' and after that they went back to bed, just because they could!

Down on the beach it was very quiet, in fact there wasn't even any wind blowing and it was still sort of misty looking.

We had seen on the TV that we were being covered in sandy dust from the Sahara Desert, so all of us were keeping a good look out for camels. OTL says that they are bigger than rabbits and look a bit soppy!

I was having a sniff and Holly reckons she could see a camel next to me but all I could see was some sand!

Hey! Who's your Soppy Mate?
That was worrying Holly, especially as she could see the camel and I couldn't. I reckon she has been sniffing too much sea weed!

Holly got off the beach and sat on the Sea Wall to watch what was going on and she said that the camel came and had a sniff of her!

As if!

OK, What's your name?
Even the ferrets thought that Holly was sniffing the Wacky Weed, especially when she started to talk to the camel that wasn't there!

Just Who is she talking too?
Mr Brambles was too busy sniffing the sea weed and trying to find the Wacky Weed that Holly had been sniffing!

Hey! Want some one want some Hash man?
In the end we all gave up and headed off to the Rabbit Ground 'cos at least we could see them Pesky Rabbits!

When we got back home we found that Auntie Chris had arrived with all here stuff and a big pot of glue. Holly said that it sniffed just like the camel on the beach but we told her not to mention that again or she would be in for a visit to the vets for a worming tablet!

We had out chicken breakfast and spent the morning snoozing and woofing at the birds and listening to the splash of the glue brush on the cards!

Lunchtime we all went out for a stroll along the Sea Front, that is Auntie Chris and The Missus as well as OTL, Holly and me!

When we got down to the car park there was a Jack Russell woofer wandering about looking all sort of lost, she had been out for a walk with a man we sometimes meet and he walks two miles each day! He said he didn't own the dog and didn't know where she comes from! We touched noses and had a sniff then off we went along the path. The doggy followed us!

She said she couldn't remember her name  but if someone called it out she would recognise it! Well we ran through a few but she said none of them sounded familiar!

We all had a wander around and sniffed for some rabbits but they were all back home having an afternoon snooze!

When we got back to the car the Jack Russell hung around us saying 'What shall I do Now?

As she didn't even have a collar on OTL couldn't even contact her owners! So, she got picked up and put in the back of the car with Auntie Chris, 'cos we sat in our normal place, on the centre arm rest!

Back home it was Auntie Chris who got the job of carrying 'Bouncer' as she had been named, into our house for a drink and a nibble of our food bowls!

Auntie Chris and Bouncer!
OTL was on the phone to the vets so he could take Bouncer down to be scanned for a chip. Off he went and we got half an hour peace from chasing the ball about.  You know, that Bouncer was pretty good at ball chasing and she kept on taking it back to OTL for him to throw again and again and again!

Even I was getting fed up!

The vets scanned her but no chip was found, can you imagine it, no collar, no chip! That doggy was heading for the dog pound and a sad time in the cage!

OTL said that we would put up some notices on lamp posts like we did for Miss Twinkle when she got lost. So he made up the poster and at the same time TM and Auntie Chris got onto Facebook for the Grain thingy page and put up a notice to say they had found Bouncer.

The vet had been in touch with the Council Dog Catcher so he could collect Bouncer tonight.

Things were happening fast and we only had and hour or so to find Bouncers owners!

OTL headed off to Grain with a load of notices to hang up all over the place. Then TM got a message to say that someone knew who the dog belonged too! Several phone calls later the owner was informed, the owners daughter-in-law had been contacted and was on her way around to our place to pick up Bouncer!

We found out that Bouncers name was really 'Slinky' and as she was being carried out to the car, OTL turned up just in time to get a good bye lick on the nose from Slinky before she headed back to her own home!

The Dog Catcher was informed that his services were not required, and, he even sounded pleased!

So, we get our ball back, we get rid of Slinky and she can go and eat out of her own bowl now and leave ours alone!

OTL was planning on keeping Slinky for three days so he could search for the owners. Gawd knows where he expected Slinky to sleep, I mean, there is barely enough room for OTL and TM to get into bed once Holly an I have found our sleeping places!

So, all's well that ends well and today it has ended well!

 See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Yours days seem to get busier and busier. Lovely pictures again today and so glad you got a good breakfast to build you up for all the searching you had to do. I think you're right about Holly, she must be sniffing too much weed. How kind you all were to Slinky, I'm glad you've found her owner, maybe she'll come back for a visit one day. I hope her owner gets her a collar with her name and address on or even microchipped. It must be very worrying to get lost and be on your own. Poor little girl but lucky for her that she was found by such a kind lot. Have a lovely relaxed evening after your busy day and make sure your bowls are hidden from any more waifs and strays. :) xxxx

  2. Thank you OTL and girls for allowing me to come on your afternoon walk to the beach. I loved it, especially the slinky adventure, so pleased she found her mum and you don't have to sleep on the floor tonight. Hope I get to go with you again sometime, can't wait to see what we may time! xx

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  4. Well all ended up happy in the end except for you Daisy as Slinky had eaten most of your food.. Good job he was returned home as you are running out of room in Godwin Mansions. XXX

  5. Now, I don't like to say this but ..... I can see the camel in the pictures and I haven't been sniffing seaweed or even TMs' glue-pot. How worrying........... I am so glad that you found Slinky's home or rather her owner found you and kind of you all to look after her, she looks such a jolly sort. Lovely pictures of the six of you, it's a shame about all that dust, it has taken our nice sunny weather away, we don't mind our sand but the Sahara can keep theirs. Glad Chris had such a good day with TM and the glitter and the tea drinking plus the extra excitement, it just shows that getting an animal chipped is a sensible thing to do, it would be terrible if you or Holly were lost and couldn't tell anyone who you were. Stay safe in the dust, more chicken tomorrow or even a bit of camel. xxxx