Monday, 14 April 2014

We Love Mondays!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

What a super sun shiny day today! We were out early this morning 'cos Holly and I jumped onto Old Two Legs and gave him the 'Monday Morning Lick' on his ear and bald patch on his head!

That got him moving!

Both ferrets were awake as well and were rattling the cage door to be let out for their morning slurp of Lactose Free Milk!

They do so love that stuff, me, I can take it or leave it but the ferrets, slurp, slurp until the bowl is empty!

Now we have a bit of a problem here. The Missus doesn't like flash pictures of Miss Snowflake 'cos it makes her eyes brighter than normal and every time she sees Snowflake she says 'Yuk!' and that upsets Snowflake!

So. I want you to vote on the best picture of Miss Snowflake, get ready, which is the best?

The Real Miss Snowflake

A Photoshop Miss Snowflake
 Mind you, we could take a photo of TM and retouch her eyes to make them look red!

 Scary or Wot!

After OTL had cleaned out the poo pots and changed the water and filled the food bowl and made the bed in the ferret house, we all headed off to The Beach!

Holly and I were out of the car and down to the Rabbit Chasing Ground ASAP!

OTL got both ferrets into their 'Ferret Bag' and followed us down the path. Miss Snowflake climbed out and took up her 'Watch Out' position on OTL's arm while Mr Brambles stuck his head out and asked .........

'....are we there yet?'
 The tide was out so I couldn't have a swim but we did race up and down the sandy beach and Miss Snowflake found some dried sea weed and showed us how she could disappear from view in a flash!

Bet you can't see me now!
Just for a laugh, the ferrets were running back and forth along the Wall of Death and both complained that their claws needed clipping 'cos they couldn't grip onto the wall properly, so, that was a job for OTL when we get back!

We need a Claw Trim!
 On the grass it was no problem and Mr Brambles showed how he can accelerate from a standing start on the grass when he digs his claws in!

Yeah, OK, we believe you, anything for a quiet walk!

Holly had some fun, while Mr Brambles and Miss Snowflake were ferreting around in the grass and stuff, 'Sniffin the Sniffs'. Holly hid in the undergrowth and waited until they walked past, then she stuck her head out and went 'WOOF'!

Well, both ferrets jumped back in surprise and Holly laughed her tail off!

'You see' says Holly, 'I've been trained in Jungle Warfare'!

The Natives called me 'She Who Turns Green in The Jungle'!
Both ferrets were seriously impressed and asked Holly to tell them stories about her time in the jungle when we all got home but unfortunately, Holly's voice sort of sent them to sleep!

That's a good story!
Still, not to worry, they will wake up this evening and if Holly is awake, she can tell the story again!

Lunch time we were a little late for our walk, I was having a snooze after my late breakfast of chicken and biscuits!

The tide was in but there was a stiff breeze blowing so OTL said that I couldn't go in swimming 'cos it was too rough.

So I went in for a 'Deep Paddle'!

OK, Paddle over, now, where's the Sniffs?
Holly was taking the Micky out of me and calling me a Soggy Doggy, just like yesterday!

Not Soggy, just damp around the edges!
OTL was into the insects again and soon found a Ladybird chomping away on the new flowers coming through.

Next time it will be the 105mm Macro Lens!
The wind didn't help and the flowers were blowing all over the place, OTL had to hold the Ladybird plant just so he could get a focus lock on the thing!

He had the same problem with the Buzzy Bee Thingy but we are not too sure what it is, a Bee or a Hover Fly or something we haven't named yet!

A Buzzy Bee Thingy!
OTL spent time looking in his 'British Insects book but other than a 'Bee' he can't pin it down on the exact name!

All the time were were down on The Sea Wall we could hear a noise like a strangled chicken, OTL said it was a Pheasant calling for his mate! We were not so sure, Holly thought it was a Nargle or even worse a Big Bear!

When she got to the seat and table she jumped up to take a look down the hill but still couldn't see what was making the noise!

Well, I know it's there but I can't see It!
It wasn't long before we had to have our leads put on and of course, as soon as that happened, what did we see?

A Sneaky Rabbit!
That was just too much!

Back home for a snooze before dinner!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. What a lovely blog and beautiful pictures. I think I prefer the real Snowflake and it would be funny if OTL did photo shop a pic of TM ....... I dare him. Sounds like you've had the perfect day, brilliant brekkie, lovely walks and a good play. Loved the shot of commando Holly and the one with you just damp around the edges. The picture of the ferrets snuggled up and off for a nap is so sweet, as is the one of Holly listening for nargles. Hope this evening is as good as your day. :) xxxx

  2. Well what a great post Daisy.. that OTL sure does take some super pictures and I love Holly in the Jungle and the Ferrets asleep ( Snowflakes eyes look lovely in that one. cos of NO flash) .. not keen on either of the other two yuk! .. but must say again... wonderful pictures OTL .. all the insect are fabulous shots! .. and well done Daisy!